Register PowerCom license with one base station

PowerCom now provide one licensing method: activate PowerCom by one base station, in addition to the other two existing methods: activate by CD key and dongle license.

Note: Activate PowerCom by one base station, only applicable to ONE base station.


New function of PowerCom Activate by Base highlights the feature that the license of PowerCom activation has been built into the base station. In other words, there is the license for activating PowerCom use at the base station. The users can activate PowerCom by connecting the base stations to their computer.

The users are provided with the flexibility of choosing any computer to activate PowerCom as long as the base station is connected to the target computer. When the base station is disconnected from the computer, the license will be invalidated. Should be The license will be re-activated only when the registered base station is connected again to the computer.

Note: It is not guaranteed that all base stations can be used to activate PowerCom. Only base stations that are encoded with the license can be used for the activation purpose.

How to activate Powercom by the base station

1, Connect the base station with your computer. Click Start Base from PowerCom tool ribbon, the window as followed will pop up. Please click find base station to search for available base station. The configuration of the base station will be listed as the below window. Please take note of the serial number of the base station. Then click OK.


2, Please open the activation window as below by clicking System->Activate from tool ribbon. The system will generally input the serial number of the base station by default into the text box of Please enter the 32 digits Serial number or Base Serial number or manual enter the base station serial number into the text box of Please enter the 32 digits Serial number or Base Serial number, Then the user needs to enter his or her email account at the text box of Register with email. Finally push Activate button.

When the activation is finished, the system will indicate the reminding note as followed. PowerCom was successfully activated.




3, Please connect the base station and check the current status of the license by clicking online help->about from tool ribbon. The updated quantity of the keypads will shown as the below Fig.