Activate Overview

Free License for PowerCom RF1 keypad. Just add keypad with proper channel and keypad address ID to the start base screen and you can use free PowerCom software. No CD key, no dongle no activation.


To activate the FREE license of PowerCom RF1 Keypad, jus add the Keypadchannel and ID address to the base station. This enables you to use the FREE PowerCom software. Thereno need for a CD key and dongle activation.


We provide 3 different ways to activate PowerCom according to usersā€™ requirements. The details are as followed.

1.    Activation by CD Key. If Users purchase the PowerCom CD or download the PowerCom online, the license CD key will be provided to them for activation. Users will be asked to input the serial number and the email to activate the license. Related Topic: CD Key Activate

2.    Activation by Base Station. According to usersā€™ requests, we can provide a base station which is specially processed to have the activation function. Please note that not all the base stations can be used for this activation. Related Topic: Register PowerCom license with one base station.

3.    Activation by Dongle. Every Dongle is customized per different usersā€™ requests. For the same version of PowerCom, different Dongle can support the different quantity of keypads. Dongle will be capable of supporting 6 versions of PowerCom including the current one. That means if there is any latest version of PowerCom available, Dongle that users has been using for a while may be used to activate the latest version without doing any upgrade depending on which version the user are using. Related Topic: Activation by Dongle

Note: Please pay attention to the consistency between the activation way and the software application. If it is Reply Plus PowerCom, the activation ways, no matter if it is CD key, Base Station or Dongle, must be for Reply Plus application too. The activation ways designed for Reply Plus canā€™t be used for World Wide.