PowerCom Reply® Plus WRS7200

 (discontinued keypad)

The Reply® Plus V2 Audience Response System keypad is totally identical with the advanced user-friendly Reply® Plus V3, except for the texting feature.

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Whether you need it for simple multiple choice responses or complex multi-digit string responses, with this, you are in good hands. This multi-digit keypad is the most powerful and flexible ARS solution on the market.

Group Response Voting Sessions

For interactive PowerPoint presentations. Together WRS7200 wireless audience response keypads and a Reply® Plus base station comprise a versatile two-way interactive voting system that includes user friendly features like:

More Functions. With more features than its predecessor model Reply® Worldwide, this keypad consists of 19 enamel coated keys, with ten keys numbered 0-9. Three soft-keys correspond with response options displayed on the screen. These selections are programmable by software and include several options for simplified voting (e.g., Yes-No, True-False, Yes-Abs-No, etc.). The screen is a 3-line LCD that displays messages from the base station. It features a backlight and fits up to 12 characters per line. There are also status icons to indicate basic information such as battery level, response type and login status.

Reply Plus V2 keypad

Reply Plus V2 keypad screen

Wireless Keypad

Two-way spread spectrum radio employing an advanced communications protocol. It also employs frequency hopping that delivers high immunity to interference plus signal security to allow the system to operate in the presence of other wireless devices. And together with its Reply® Plus base station, the system can be used for teleconferencing, distance learning, and other network applications.

Reply Plus V2 keypad hand hold

Input Choices

Using our user-friendly Reply® Plus audience response keypad, you can extend Reply® Plus’s 12 characters keypad data entry for multi-alphanumeric questions providing you more flexibility and choices for your answers. It also allows six soft key answer types: single digit, single alpha, multi-alphanumeric, range, and priority and free form types of input, offering the users in an audience a wide variety of inputs.

Extremely Secure Reply FHSS signals

This keypad has very minimal RF transmission interference and it has a Wi-Fi avoidance feature. As you can see, FHSS transmissions can share a frequency band with many types of conventional transmissions with minimal interference. FHSS signals are also very resistant to interference from narrowband.

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