PowerComARS Reply Base Station Coverage Range Comparison

 The chart compares these 3 keypad model base station coverage:

1. Reply Plus and Mini Plus: WRS970 and WRS971 (USB stick)
2. Reply Worldwide and Mini: CRS940 and CRS941
3. Reply Ativa: WRS970-A and WRS971-A 9 (same as WRS970/WRS971)

 Audience Response Equipment

Range expectations in feet in a typical environment. Specified as an unobstructed line-of-sight diameter around the base station. A room’s geometry, radio propagation characteristics, and proximity to RF interference can influence the actual range experienced.


Reply Mini Base Station


Reply Plus Base station WRS970 has built in antenna and amplifier can reach 650 feet coverage when power level set to USA Max.

Reply Worldwide base station CRS940 and CRS941 has no built in amplifier, so there is no significant coverage difference.

Audience Response Keypads