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PowerCom RF2 with SMS texting function

Powercom RF2 ARS Keypad


Successful events are usually the ones that have increased engagement and interaction with the audience PowerCom has the solution for SMS Voting System in which the audience are left with a lasting impression of how they were able to communicate with the speakers how they felt and questions in their minds are answered right away. Powercom RF2 keypad is a simple audience response system solution that can increase interaction and make any event more dynamic. Powercom RF2 has noteworthy functions developed in partnership with the Fleetwood Group since 2007. Powercom offers the RF2 keypad in affordable bundle packages complete with everything needed such as receivers/base stations, keypads and software together with tech support and online training.


SMS Voting System Keypad Features:


  • User friendly Human Interface Device (HID) compatible USB base station
  • The keypad printed circuit board has a built-in memory, which enables voting keypads storage of self-paced survey questions, text messages and survey results.
  • Capability to store 12 text messages on the memory and offer 250 single answer question choices.
  • Base station is compatible with RF1 audience voting system, both Powercom RF1 and RF2 can be used on the same event.


  • Has a self-paced testing feature which doesn’t need a smart card and works on two amazing options:
    • Online mode – enables sending of voting results to the base station and gets displayed on the PowerCom Screen.
    • Offline mode – enables storage of voting results in the keypad’s built in memory for later use.
  • 3 lines LCD display to show the questions, the answers and the icons for battery level, signal indication, etc.
  • Various question types?ingle digit, multiple answers, sequence, weight priority, SMS, auction, split voting, likert scale, etc.


  • Maintain 200 votes per second in a room dimension of up to 650x650feet SMS Voting System
  • Patented RF technology guarantees no data collision.
  • Superior HID base station gets recognized automatically.
  • Avoid wifi feature will help to get the best performance in the crowded environment


  • Classroom Interaction
  • CME/Medical Symposium
  • Interactive game shows
  • Elections
  • Business meetings
  • Product Launch
  • Business meetings
  • Marketing Research
  • Focus Group Discussions
  • Mock Jury
  • Advertising Testing
  • Shareholders Meeting
  • Large Event voting
  • Fundraising and Silent Auctions
  • Self ?Paced Testing
  • Corporate town hall meetings
  • Mock Jury


A Famous Gasoline company’s annual conference

Number of Participants:

200 Members

SMS Voting System:

PowerCom RF2

Audience Response Software:

PowerCom Specialty (stand alone software)

Question Type:
Single choice and Multi alphanumeric

A famous gasoline company opted to get Powercom’s full

audience response system

service program for rental for their 3 day conference. They had 200 attendees mostly leaders and supervisors made up of chemists and engineers. The full service program we offer would consists of the hardware, software plus the presence of an on-site technician.

During the conference the attendees had to rate each speaker’s presentation after they were done for several categories. They used the RF2 SMS Voting System keypads to give their rating. These scores were all tallied and at the final day the best presentations would be given awards. They also used the keypads to rate technical posters and some questions for the committee’s feedback and review. The Specialty program – a stand alone software developed by Powercom was also used for the event. It made the voting facilitation faster being a stand alone software. The question types used were single choice and multi alphanumeric for rating or voting in those 3 days.

At the end of the conference’s third day, all votes were tallied and awards were given to the best presentations per category. The audiences were delighted to use the audience polling system keypads and the committee was amazed at how efficient the voting was and reports were given immediately to the program committee head such as excel summary reports with charts and a complete excel report with all sessions and scores.


PowerCom RF2 Applications PowerCom RF2 Applications

PowerCom RF2 Technical Specifications (PDF) PowerCom RF2 TechnicalSpecifications (PDF)

PowerCom RF2 Keypad Quick Reference (PDF) PowerCom RF2 Keypad Quick Reference (PDF)

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Powercom RF2 FlyersPowercom RF2 Flyers - PDF

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