Powercom M00–433M Voting Keypad


While the most of voting keypads in the industry are using 2.4 GHz frequency, the problem of signals conflict has become more and more serious, especially in the events where smart phones, tablets and other devices are frequently used. It is why PowerCom introduced the new model of the voting keypad–PowerCom M00, which utilizes 433 MHz frequency to try to avoid signals conflict and provide the better voting coverage.


We totally understand the stability and the success of the events lie in the perfect performance of the voting keypads. PowerCom M00 will be a good choice when you consider to have a hassle-free and successful event.

Dimensions: 5.39 inches × 1.83 inches × 0.86 inches (L×W×H).

Weight: 4 ounces (inclusive of battery).

Color: Black

Material: ABS plastics.

Display: 5 inches *1.89 inches matrix LCD.

Battery: 1.5V AA*2, (replaceable).

Operating hours: 150 hours, standby time 200 hours, on shelf time 2 years.

  • Large coverage of up to 520 feet (160 meters) in diameters while radius is 260 feet (60 meters).
  • Acknowledgment messages on the LCD showing “single choice question” and “received” statuses
  • Helpful response buttons – yes, no and abstain ideal for voting on proposals and resolutions
  • The big base station supports of up to 2,000 keypads, each base station can set up as the channel from 1 to 32.
  • 50 keypads per second, 100 keypads will cost 5-7 seconds.
  • Available for the various question types including single choice question, multiple choices question, ranking etc.
  • Power off automatically after offline for 3 minutes, support the custom setting of remote power off or on-line automatic power off.
  • Support ID/SN key to sign-in, User-ID sign-in, screen will show “signed”.
  • At Match mode, the keypads only need to be tested once and matched and then they will be automatically “remembered” by the base station.
  • The feature of base matching the keypads assures just the matched keypads can join the voting.
  • No match mode is convenient for rental projects done in one location without breakout sessions.
  • Quick and easy to set up and works flawlessly with the Powercom software.

433 MHz Band Frequency


Communication band 433MHz, patented and proprietary PowerCom ARS communication protocol, bidirectional data validation, automatic channel tracking in fixed mode. More stable, more convenient, more excellent.


If you have ever been troubled by the heavy signals’ interruption in the event, this 433 MHz voting keypad will be a perfect solution for your next project. No more worry about the lost signals, the late response etc. You will get a smooth and successful event.

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