Powercom Audience Response Reply Mini Keypads

Reply Mini Keypad

This response system keypad is the practical choice for those who are looking for

a wireless voting system

that is easy to use and small in size for maximum portability and minimum storage space. With this wireless keypad, you will never need to worry about technical difficulties. Just click one of the five buttons and you are ready to vote.


The Reply Mini Gen 2 Model WRS5100

Is the smaller and upgraded version of the popular first generation Reply® Worldwide keypad. The Reply Mini keypad is used extensively in group response voting sessions for interactive presentations. The WRS970 and WRS971 base stations comprise a versatile two-way interactive audience response system that include these features:

Audience Response Technology

This ultra lightweight keypad is a slim case with soft touch elastomeric keyboard and LED indicators. It is smaller than a credit card and weighs less than an ounce (with battery installed). It also fits easily in the palm and may be comfortably worn with an optional lanyard. This is an ideal

keypad technology

for participants who will attend a multi-event conference or those who need an ARS system on the go.


Reply mini Keypad Voting

Wirelss Communication
This wireless gadget has a two-way spread spectrum radio employing an advanced communications protocol. It also employs frequency hopping that delivers high immunity to interference plus signal security to allow the system to operate in the presence of other wireless devices. Use Reply® Mini

Audience Response Keypad

,and it is easy to reprogram the keypad’s addresses and channels via the software.


Wireless Voting Keypad

2 Reply Mini Keypads

This wireless keypad has five clickable buttons for up to five multiple answer choices. Your audience simply needs to click one of the buttons to vote or send their answers and opinions. With our PowerCom ARS software, you can display the results at the end of the voting.

Extremely Powerful ARS Keypad

This ARS keypad works with WRS970 base stations or WRS971 USB stick base stations that operates in an indoor environment with a 300 x 300 feet dimension.The WRS970 base station can accommodate up to 500 keypads. Together with our Powerpoint add in software, you can create interactive PowerPoint presentation slides, do audience polling, and generate reports, and demographic analysis in Microsoft Word and Excel formats.

Reply Mini Voting Screen
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