PowerCom Audience Response Mini Plus Keypad


The ultra mini, made in USA, Patented RF 2.4 GHz

audience response wireless keypad/audience voting system

for the PowerCom Reply® Plus hardware platform.


Get hold of the power of a multi-digit wireless voting keypad in the size of a credit card with PowerCom Reply® Mini Plus WRS7000. From a small classroom setting to a conference hall meeting, this mini wireless keypad is perfect for any type of audience. Not to mention, it is so easy to use that your guests will have no problem in using it. Try it now!

The Reply® Mini Plus Model WRS7000 is a miniaturized version of the popular Reply® Plus

Audience Response Keypad

that is being used extensively in group response voting sessions for interactive PowerPoint presentations. Reply® Mini Plus can be used as the classroom clicker to help teachers get more and better communication with the students. Together WRS7000 keypads and a Reply® Plus base station comprises a versatile two-way interactive voting system that includes user friendly features like:


                                                                                                                                                                                                         Extremely Small Audience Response Keypad

This ultra lightweight

voting keypad

has a slim case with soft touch elastomeric keyboard and LED indicators. It weighs less than an oz. and is smaller than a regular credit card. It fits the palm perfectly and can be worn with a lanyard. This is an ideal keypad for a conference with many sessions as well as a perfect classroom clicker for students to use.


Wireless Communication


wireless voting system keypad

has a two-way spread spectrum radio employing advanced communications protocol. It also employs frequency hopping that delivers high immunity to interference plus signal security to allow the system to operate in the presence of other wireless devices. And it does not have a Keypad Reset button because it will never freeze!


Easy to Use Audience Voting Keypad

Using this is easy to learn, your audience member just needs to click one of the buttons to send their votes or answers, and with the voting software, you can instantly display the results after the voting.

Extremely Powerful

With power and functions comparable to its sister model Reply® Plus, this wireless audience response keypad has synchronized RF feature and guarantees no RF signal collision and can ensure 200 per second polling transmission speed. As you can see, synchronous protocol ensures that each keypad transmission uses a dedicated timeslot to prevent collisions. Asynchronous protocols, on the other hand, will allow transmissions to occur simultaneously, and those collisions can prevent votes from getting through. Repeat transmissions can then cause further collisions. RF signal collision will also reduce the speed. In short, with Reply® Mini Plus you can forget worrying about signal problems during voting.

Extremely Secure

Reply® FHSS signals are difficult to intercept. An eavesdropper would only be able to intercept the transmission if they knew the pseudorandom sequence. This

voting keypad

also has very minimal RF transmission interference and Wi-Fi avoidance feature. As you can see, FHSS transmissions can share a frequency band with many types of conventional transmissions with minimal interference. FHSS signals are also highly resistant to narrowband interference.