Reply Worldwide – Wireless Audience Response Keypad

Reply Worldwide Keypad

Reply Worldwide Wireless: Model CRS5200 is a calculator-style radio frequency device with a numeric button panel on the top surface. In any event Voting Keypads can be given to each participant in the group. The keypad is used to respond to questions presented during the meeting. Each keypad is powered  by 2 x "AA" batteries and requires no external wires or electrical connections.

Base Station: Model CRS940 or CRS941 processes responses of up to 250 keypads on a single radio channel. There are 15 radio channels available to support a maximum of 3,750 keypads per room if 15 systems are used together.

Reply Worldwide Mini Base

The Simple & Cost-Effective ARS Keypad

PowerCom for Reply Worldwide the single digit ARS (up to 10 answer choices) with 7 segment LED displayed and works with 4 keypad models Reply, EU. They can be combined to use in a meeting. Entries are transmitted to the base station, which is then transmitted to the computer via the provided serial cabling. As keys are pressed, the digits are echoed on the seven-segment display (SSD). Each base station with up to 250 keypads. WorldWide is a 2.4 GHz RF wireless voting system.

Reply Worldwide Hand Voting

Wireless Communication with Wireless Audience Response System

This wireless keypad has 2-way spread spectrum radio employing an advanced communication protocol. It also employs frequency hopping that delivers high immunity to interference plus signal security to allow the system to operate in the presence of other wireless devices. There is also a low battery detecting circuit built into the keypad to notify the user when the battery is getting low and needs replacement. This causes the LED indicator to flash at a high rate (several times per second) when the battery is getting low and should be replaced. There will still be several hours of usage left in the battery, allowing use of the keypad until the meeting is completed.

Where can PowerCom Reply Worldwide be used

Reply Worldwide Voting Screen

PowerCom for Reply Worldwide’s ARS functions can be employed in diverse areas such as education and training, marketing research, focus groups, sales meetings, delegate meetings, CME and medical symposiums, departmental Meetings, trade shows and seminars / Keynote speaking engagements to name a few.

Reply Worldwide Keypad laptop

Voting Session with PowerCom

With this fuctional Reply Worldwide keypad, base station connection, together with our add-in PowerCom for Reply Worldwide software you can create interactive PowerPoint presentation slides, to capture responses from your participants for your presentations. And generate reports and analyses in Microsoft Word and Excel after the meeting. For non-anonymous polling, especially for the classroom ARS, control of the participants in an audience can be done by maintaining a roster file,and in using this feature you can create teams, particularly useful for quizzes and analyze results by teams. You can even track individual and team cumulative scores and in quiz competitions find out which participant had the fastest finger to answer. PowerCom Reply Worldwide even comes with a demo mode that allows you to simulate an actual polling presentation before you can go live and without audience response keypads. PowerCom allows you to combine data files obtained as results from two or more presentations. And it’s fully compatible with PowerPoint’s important features such as dual monitor with presenter’s view, custom animation, and use of presenter remote device.