The Advanced Group Response System: More Sophisticated Features for Increased Interactivity


PowerCom RF2 with SMS texting function

New self-paced testing feature

RF technology for Coverage of 100+ Meters

Buttons for Delete, Power, Send, and Scrolling and More

Soft Alphanumeric "Cell Phone" Style keys for Easy Texting and Various Answer Choices

Reply Plus- audience response
system, audience response, audience response systems, voting,
polling, powerpoint, PowerCom RF2 Keypad

Keypad ID for easy tracking of audience members’ attendance by name or by number

Status Screen shows progress of texts coming in, options, updated and much more.

Texting Capabilites Include Free Form Answers, Person to Person Texts, and Dozens of Unique PowerCom Functions!

With PowerCom RF2, the only limit on your interactive presentations is your imagination!

Users who want a higher level of interactivity may want to consider these Advanced Level

Voting Keypads

and audience polling software solutions. How do you know if you are an Entry Level or Advanced user? Just answer these two easy questions!

  1. Do you want to offer audiences the ability to answer questions using short text messages (not just select from answer options)?
  2. Do you want access to advanced features like color touch screens, PDA functionality, or removable memory cards?

For Advanced Level users, two main interactive presentation

audience response keypads

are available: The Reply Plus V3 (older versions of the Reply Plus are no longer in production and are available by special request only) and the Reply Ativa. These group response systems are the right choices for general applications and represent the best budget voting hardware system with texting capability (the Reply Plus) and the newest and most versatile keypad currently available anywhere (The Reply Ativa). To find more information about these voting keypads, see the Reply Ativa Page, the Reply Plus Page, and our Keypad Comparison Page.




Touch Screen PDA Abilites to Rival Anything on the Market

Full Texting Capabilities with QWERTY Keyboard

RF Frequency Range of 100+ Meters

Enormously Customizable with Hundreds of Unique Features

Reply Ativa- audience response system, audience response, audience response systems, voting, polling, powerpoint
Smart Card Quickly Removable Memory for :
* Customized Surveys
* Self-Timed Surveys
* Data Collection / Lead Tracking
* Dozens of Other Applications!

Make an Impression! Recommended for High End Rental Purposes

The Most Advanced, Versatile, and Impressive Voting Keypad in the World


The Right Interactive Presentation Keypads for the Advanced Applications

Our advanced level interactive response systems are perfect for applications like these, and more!

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audience response solution

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audience response keypads

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