The Specialized

Audience Response System


Customized Features for Specific Needs

Trade Shows      PowerCom Election        Moment-to-Moment

PowerCom has developed special audience response systems for the specific needs of some of our customers. These ARS solutions go beyond the ordinary features of our Entry and Advanced Level keypad packages; for customers with Trade Show, Election, and Video Evaluation needs, PowerCom is the ONLY audience response company offering specifically designed and perfectly suited

audience response software

to match their particular purposes! PowerCom ARS for Interactive Trade Shows

PowerCom has developed special audience response packages for Trade Shows! In addition to regular group voting and interactive presentation technology, these specially developed packages include plans and optional advisory services for organizing highly efficient lead tracking, self-timed surveys, and interactive booth demonstrations. PowerCom for Interactive Trade Shows incorporates the best and most sophisticated audience response keypads (featuring Smart Card removable memory for lead-tracking and customizing multiple self-timed surveys to different demographics), a business plan honed from experience, and the perfect specially designed software for Trade Show needs. For a full explanation of PowerCom’s specialized plans for Interactive Trade Shows, please see our complete rundown of the PowerCom Trade Show Service here, or request a free live demo from PowerCom’s 24/7 customer service! FREE PowerCom for Trade Shows Live Demo Inquiry!

2. PowerCom Election

PowerCom Election is an add-on component for use with the Reply Plus and Mini Plus

voting keypads

and is available to users with Microsoft Office 2007 and later. With this powerful audience polling software developed specifically for shareholder meetings, corporate elections, and other situations where fast, reliable, and (optionally) anonymous voting is crucial. To find out more about PowerCom’s unique software developed especially for users with Election needs, please request a free live demo from PowerCom’s 24/7 customer service!: Free PowerCom Election Live Demo Inquiry



3. PowerCom ARS Moment-to-Moment

PowerCom Moment to Moment has been developed specifically for customers with video evaluation needs. This unique package was created in response to the requests of:

  • Focus Groups
  • Television and Commercial Evaluators
  • Film Test Audiences
  • Marketing Researchers
  • Demographic Focused Advertisers




PowerCom Moment-to-Moment allows audiences to watch a video and record their approval or disapproval on a second-by-second basis. This information is graphed and laid over the video in real time, enabling easy Moment to Moment study and analysis at a later date. Plus, in response to customer requests and market research, our non-dial keypads have done away with the common industry problem of unnecessary feedback and data collision (a side effect of the hardware utilized in many dial- based ARS systems) . Special considerations and in house developments like this make PowerCom Moment to Moment the

best audience response system

available for video evaluation professionals.

To find out more, or to request a FREE DEMO of PowerCom Moment to Moment.  please speak to
PowerCom’s 24/7 customer service team by clicking the link below: