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This training video offers How-To instructions, at your own pace training by topics and performing common tasks in PowerCom Audience Response Systems. Simply click on the course you want to check out, and enjoy.

PowerCom for Powerpoint
  Reply Mini and Base PowerCom RF2PowerCom RF1 and BasePowerCom Mini KeypadReply Mini Plus and Base
I. Introduction
1 PowerCom Overview
2 Installing PowerCom
3 USB Driver Installation
4 Activate PowerCom
5 How to Upgrade PowerCom
6 Using Dongle
7 System Configuration
II. Hardware
1 USB Base Station Connection
2 / Ethernet (TCP/IP) Connection
3 Set Keypad Range
4 Testing Keypads
5 Keypad Settings
6 Base Station Settings
7 Connect More Than One Base
III. Inserting Poller
1 How to add and design your polling question at PowerCom?
2 Poller Properties Maintenance
3 Question Type
4 Quick Poller Creation
IV. Slide Show
1 PowerCom Basic Keyboard Shortcut (SpaceBar) (S) (C) (R) (D)
2 Normal Polling Procedure
3 Show/Hide Absentee (A)
4 Connecting the Base Station (B)
5 Continue Polling (C)
6 Display Chart (D)
7 DashBoard (H)
8 Impromptu Question (I)
9 Polling Detail (L)
10 Start / Stop Music (M)
11 Clear Data / Revote (R)
12 Stop Polling (Space Bar or S)
13 Start / Stop Timer (T)
14 Winners (W)
15 Demographic Cut (Alt + Numeric Key)
16 / View Priority (Ctrl+Numeric Key)
17 / Change Keypad Settings
19 Dual Monitor
20 Copy Question Slide
21 Slide Comparison
V. Roster and Team
1 Roster Setup
2 Roster Template
3 Roster List
4 Populate and Maintain Roster data
5 Assign Roster to a PPT
6 Create and Maintain a Team
VI. Voting result data and Reports
1 Basic Data Review
2 Slide Sorter
3 Result Sorter
4 Office Documents Reports
5 Other System Iintegration
VII. Misc.
1 Combine and Merge
2 Validate Poller
3 Import Demographic
PowerPoint presentation file sample.ppt have been include in the PowerCom(Wireless Voting Systems) installation package, but you also can download from here:
PowerCom Single-digit sample.ppt        (download) PowerCom Single-digit sample.ppt
PowerCom Multi-digit RF1 sample.ppt        (download) PowerCom Multi-digit RF1 sample.ppt
PowerCom Multi-digit RF2 sample.ppt        (download) PowerCom Multi-digit RF2 sample.ppt