Capture your audience’s pulse, real-time

Reply Ativa’s Moment-to-Moment application
gives a new face to audience voting

Reply Ativa’s Moment-to-Moment application allows the participating audience to express their opinions to the actual video, presentation or any other form of media which are being presented to them at that exact moment.

This application is the perfect marketing and media research partner (e.g. commercials and advertisements, media releases, political debates, entertainment screenings, presentation and competition comparison and analysis) since it can immediately capture the pulse of the audience and this would help producers and politicians have a better understanding of their audience.

Here’s How it works:

M2M Viewer to Presenter


Each participant will be watching a particular video clip, debate, etc.

2 Type Keypads for M2M

Using Reply Ativas Touchscreen slider, they will indicate their feelings towards what they were currently watching by moving the slider upwards or downwards, depending on how the current clip affects them.

M2M Screen


PowerCom M2M records the participants’ real-time feedback and results are displayed in the form of a graph while the presentation is taking place. This will provide instant results to the presenter, bringing a streamline of useful information.

We provide full Mock Juror Litigation Simulation service with A/V equipment and audience response colored touch screen keypad.

PowerCom’s Professional Services also includes assistance in conduction audience polling events by setting up our Moment-to-Moment voting system. PowerCom will assist you starting from the A/V recording and audience response feedback systems set-up and will be working with you closely throughout the whole event. This is to ensure that you will get efficient and accurate results.

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