1. Install PowerCom PowerPoint add-in (close PowerPoint during installation)
  2. Install base station USB driver (recommend install from Hardware Update Wizard)
  3. Enable PowerCom license (depends on PowerCom license type):
    1. Run PowerCom dongle set up program (for dongle license only)or
    2. Activate PowerCom license by base station serial number or32 bit CD key
  4. Connect base station from PowerCom program and configure base station settings:
    1. Set channel number
    2. Set keypad range
    3. Configure base station settings
  5. Test keypad
    1. Make sure keypad channel number is the same as the base channel number
    2. (for Plus/Mini Plus & Ativa) Make sure the address mode(static or dynamic) is the same too
  6. Run slide show- create question slide and follow normal procedure to test voting

Quick Start Guide Video List Video

I. Introduction
1 PowerCom Overview
2 Installing PowerCom
3 USB Driver Installation
4 Activate PowerCom
5 How to Upgrade PowerCom
6 Using the Dongle
7 System Configuration
II. Hardware
1 USB Base Station Connection
2 Set Keypad Range
3 Testing Keypads
4 Keypad Settings
III. Inserting Poller
1 Polling Wizard