PowerCom Multi Digits ARS software support 5 keypad models: PowerCom Mini, RF1, RF2, Reply Plus and Reply Mini Plus

Powercom RF2 Keypad

PowerCom for a higher level ARS Solution
Need the most honest and precise answer possible?


PowerCom is an ARS (Audience Response System) or GRS (Group Response System) software product When conducting meeting, training and presentations, PowerCom allows you to gather polls from audience for their feedback within a powerpoint presentation.

Powercom RF1 keypad

Want a more powerful audience voting equipment?


With PowerCom Multi Digits ARS software you’ll take your ARS to the next level! This is the most powerful and flexible ARS solution on the market. It gives users a longer range, frequency hopping for less interference, and up to 12 characters for your response entry.

Want a more compact, lightweight keypad solution?


With RF2 you won’t have to compromise! This slim and lightweight model is 30% smaller than the Reply Worldwide and double the speed of transmission. The keypad has several interactive features.

RF2 is a new compact voting keypad built for advanced interactive voting applications that harmonizes a wide variety of interactive features into a powerful group response equipment.

You Get…

Powercom RF1 Keypad voting screen
  • Interactive PowerPoint Presentations
  • Increased Audience Participation
  • Enhanced Collaboration and teamwork for Better Decision Making
  • More Effective Research to Manage Change
  • Better ROI from Meetings, Training Courses or Events!
  • Improved Audience Interaction
  • Increased Productivity
  • Multiple Reports Containing Your Audience Feedback


With PowerCom, a projector, and an interactive voting equipment you’ll be ready to survey thousands of people in real time!

PowerCom Multi Digits ARS software feature highlights:

1. Preserve most of the PowerCom for Reply Worldwide’s powerful and easy to use features.
2. Support both Dynamic Address mode and Static Address mode.
3. Fully support all Powerful and flexible Reply Plus Base Station and keypad settings.
4. Built in PowerCom recommended default Base and Keypad settings and enforce some settings internally.
5. Support both USB (V2.0 CMD) and Ethernet connection from Base Station to PowerCom computer.
6. Provides 12 answer types that include 6 soft key answer types, and single digit, single alpha, multi alphanumeric, range, priority and free form.
7. Allow up to 30 answer choices with demographic analysis.
8. Extend Reply Plus 12 characters keypad data entry for multi-alphanumeric questions.
9. Enable login and authentication
10. Support Base Station Ethernet port IP configuration utility and enable TCPIP communication for multi-site meeting.
11. Provides Roster and team and winners features.
12. Complete voting result analysis, data export, merge and 18 Office Document reports.
13. Over 250 pages of online help and user manual document.
14. Comprehensive technical support including PowerCom Forum, FAQ, and email, telephone and Web site online chat support.
15. Worldwide PowerCom partner network for customer service and technical support.
16. Enable PowerPoint Dual Monitor Display with Presenter’s view feature.
17. Support individual password validation by roster file.
18. “Save Keypad List” feature store keypad IDs on the computer when keypads power off and on during polling session when using the dynamic address mode.
19. Real time synchronizing voting data from primary computer to stand-by computer.
20. Advanced Impromptu feature allow presenter to duplicate a question slide during the slide show.
21. And more, please download a free trial version to experience the Power of PowerCom for Reply Plus.

We have a variety of Bundled Packages to choose from. We’ll take a look at your needs, and put together a package specifically customized for you. Promotion for the new and exciting multi-digit ARS system: for a limited time ONLY.

Reply Mini Bundle

PowerCom Mini Bundle

Reply plus bundle

and PowerCom RF2 Packages


These Packages include:

  • Reply Mini Plus or Reply Plus Keypads
  • 1 USB Base Station
  • 1 Carry Bag
  • Optional Lanyard
  • Latest PowerCom Software Version
  • PowerCom Software License
  • 1 Year of FREE Software Update
  • 1 Year of Gold Level Tech Support

1-212-997-2000 FOR PRICING!

Thank you for your interest in PowerCom!
PowerCom is a registered trademark of DSI