PowerCom Trouble Shooting

The key to trouble shoot ARS is to identify the component(s) where the problem(s) reside. Can you determine if it is a hardware issue? Or a software issue? If it is a software issue, is it Operation System (Windows) issue or Microsoft Office issue (Do you apply the latest patch or outdated DLL?) or PowerCom issue?

The following is the list of categories:

  1. Hardware: Base station
    Keypad (Audience Response Keypad)
  2. Software:Operating System, PowerPoint
  3. PowerCom:
    While designing PowerPoint
    While running PowerPoint slide show

To determine if your problem is related to hardware, you should test the keypad using PowerCom Test Keypad function and then run with Keypad vendor utility. If keypad vendor utility function successfully but not PowerCom Test Keypad function then you can determine it is a PowerCom program issue. Otherwise, focus on hardware resources section of this web site or contact hardware vendor for assistance.

The following procedure is helpful to diagnosis software related issues:

  1. Can you repeat / reproduce the error?
  2. Have you apply the latest Microsoft Windows and Office patches?
  3. Reinstall PowerCom latest version from PowerCom Download.
  4. If the problem remains, please use Computer with brand new OS and Office then install latest PowerCom and run again.
  5. Use a very simple PowerPoint slide to reproduce the problem.
  6. Contact PowerCom support if the problem remains with detail description of the problem and the following info:

A. Version of PowerCom
B. OS version
C. Office version (PowerPoint)
D. Related screen print.


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