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 This is an Online Help guide for PowerCom Single-digit keypads- Office 2003 Edition. Single digit keypads are group response systems that can send only single answers from up to 10 answer choices. The single digit keypads are Reply Mini and Reply Worldwide. Reply Mini is a simple and compact keypad that can send up to 5 answer choices while Reply Worldwide can send up to ten answer choices. Powercom is an audience response system software. It is an add-in application on the Powerpoint. It is not a stand alone software for group response systems. This is highly recommended for anyone’s use when having events like trainings, business meetings, interactive presentations, tradeshow, mock jury, auction, interactive game show, shareholders meeting, annual general meetings and much more. Powercom is maintained and designed by Powercom’s in house team of professional technicians designed for the Reply group response systems. With the use of Powercom, along with the powerful keypads, you can save polling or voting data and display them instantly with the graph. Some of the top benefits of using Powercom are:

1.       It makes any presentation dynamic and interactive

2.       Instant display of voting information for the audience to view

3.       Generate several reports in an instant.

4.       Flexible and easy to use software

5.       User friendly wireless voting keypads and software

6.       No data is lost and all votes are counted in