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1. If I have one question which has 15 answer choices but i will let audience to choose only one answer, what kind of question type should I use?

Use the Multi Alpha question type and enter “1” at how many answer choices the audience will be allowed to enter at step 2 of poller wizard.

2. How can I calibrate Ativa?

Please connect the base station and go to base setting to choose Calibrate keypads.

3. Can I assign the name to each Ativa keypad?

Yes. You can assign the Label ID to each Ativa keypad. Label ID will be unique and fixed number for the Ativa keypad. Then you use PowerCom Roster list to tie the name to each keypad.

4. Can I show our logo on Ativa screen?

Yes. You can upload the logo or any other picture and show it as the wallpaper on the Ativa keypad. The format of the picture is png. And there will be the limit on the size depending on your Smart card.

5. What is the weight and the size of the Ativa keypad?

Dimensions: 2.83 in W x 4.33 in H x 1 in D (72 mm x 110mm x 19 mm).
Weight: Approx. 5 oz (140 grams) with installed battery.

6. Why my Ativa keypads can't show the latest features?

It may happen because the firmware of your Ativa has not been updated to the latest version. The Ativa keypad firmware will be updated sometimes to implement the new features and some enhancement. Please click on the Wheel icon on the Ativa screen to check on your firmware version.

7. What is the warranty term for Ativa keypad?

Ativa has one year warranty since the manufacture date.

8. How can I use Smart Card for ativa?

You can use Smart Card for the following features:
(1) Self paced testing
(2) Upload the picture
(3) Secure log in
(4) Shareholder meeting

9. Can I use Landscape for Ativa keypads?

Yes. Landscape will be available for text message, and slider question type.

10. What special application Ativa can be used for?

Ativa keypad can be used for Self paced testing, Mock Jury, Music Review, Ad Testing, Shareholder meeting, Auction, Fund Raising, Survey, etc.

11. How to charge Ativa keypad?

Ativa uses the built-in lithium ion battery. You can use the USB cable to connect ativa to your laptop to charge it. Or you can charge it by using our charging case.

12. Can the Ativa be used for advertisement testing?

A: Yes, the Ativa keypad can be used for advertistement testing, media presentation analysis, movie previews, speech, debate, mock trails especially because it has the Moment to Moment feature which allows the user to send 11 scales emotional feedback through a touch pad slider.

13. How fast can the Ativa identify the fastest finger during competitive events?

A: Entries on the Ativa are “speed scored” to 0.05 second (50 millisecond) resolution to identify group response sequence (fastest finger).

14. How can I tell if the battery is already low?

A: The battery level would be indicated on the LCD of the Ativa keypad.

15. Can I use the Ativa keypad with more than one base station?

A: Yes, you can use the Ativa with multiple base stations that may poll simultaneously permitting collection of up to 15,500 keypads in just 3 seconds.

16. What kind of battery does the Ativa use?

A: The Ativa uses the lithium Polymer battery that is rechargeable.

17. When I try to erase the card- I get the error message - card erase failed! Please correct and try again

A: Turn off the smart card creator application first. With the smart card inserted, please open the smart card creator application and try to erase the card again.

18. Why cannot I get the qwerty keyboard on my Ativa keypad?

The solution is to update the Ativa keypad firmware

19. Do I need a license to activate the Ativa?

A: Yes, the Ativa needs activation by keying the 32 digit license key. You can also activate by tying it to base (wherein the base station serial# is the the license key) and through a dongle, wherein the license is saved in a dongle – this process doesn? require internet connection.

20. Does Ativa allow sms texting?

A: Yes, Ativa has a Qwerty keyboard for easy SMS texting (up to 140 characters).

21. Will I get the poll results after every question?

A: Yes, you can get the poll results after each question instantly!

22. Can the Ativa display different types of screens?

A: Yes, the Ativa can display up to six customizable splash screens.

23. How long is the Ativa's battery life?

A: The battery life of Ativa is 16 hours based on typical usage.

24. Can the Ativa be configured to avoid Wifi?

A: Yes, it can avoid Wi-fi

25. Can the Ativa keypad allow proxy voting in an election?

A: Yes, the Ativa keypad can store a shareholder’s name and share it on a chip card for proxy voting.

26. Does the Ativa keypad allow 2 users to share?

A: Yes, Ativa keypads allow user-sharing

27. Can the Ativa keypad send information privately?

A: Yes, the Ativa keypad has privacy settings, perfect for events like a silent auction.

28. Can the Ativa keypad be used for a shareholders' meeting?

A: Yes, Ativa keypads can be used for shareholders’ meeting, field survey, interactive trade show, sms texting, live auction, silent auction, self paced polling, elections & moment to moment

29. Is the voting data and logs saved for later review?

A: Yes, the Ativa keypad has a chip card that stores the voting data and also audits the log.

30. Is there a password I can put on the Ativa keypad

A: Yes, your Ativa can be secure and a password can be set for your protection

31. What is the coverage of Ativa's base station

A: 650 ft. x 650 ft.

1. PowerCom conflicts the addin named Aware MS Office

The solution is to disable Aware MS Office from PowerPoint Options. The details please see the below:

Steps for Office 2010

1. Open PowerPoint
2. Click on File in the top left corner of PowerPoint
3. Select PowerPoint Options
4. Select Add-ins on the left
5. On the lower right window click on Go to the right of Manage COM Add-ins
6. If Aware MS Office Add-in appears in the list please uncheck the box to the left. (Please ensure PowerCom remains checked)
7. Click OK
8. Close PowerPoint

Steps for Office 2007

1. Open PowerPoint
2. Click on the Office Button in the top left corner
3. Select PowerPoint Options from the drop-down
4. Select Add-ins on the left
5. On the lower right window click on Go to the right of Manage COM Add-ins
6. If Aware MS Office Add-in appears in the list please uncheck the box to the left (Please ensure PowerCom remains checked)
7. Click OK
8. Close PowerPoint

Steps for Office 2003

1. Close all Office applications and open a Command Prompt.

(Start => Programs => Accessories => Command Prompt)

If you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7 right click the Command Prompt and run as Administrator.

2. Type the following command regsvr32 /u then press the spacebar one time

*** Do not press anything further***

3. Navigate to “Program Files\SMART Technologies\SMART Product Drivers” or if using a 64-bit computer navigate to “Program Files (x86)\SMART Technologies\SMART Product Drivers”

4. Drag and drop Awaremsofficeaddin.dll into the command prompt
The command prompt should now read “regsvr32 /u “Program Files\SMART Technologies\SMART Product Drivers\AwareMSOfficeAddin.dll”

Or for 64-bit operating systems it should read “regsvr32 /u “Program Files (x86)\SMART Technologies\SMART Product Drivers\AwareMSOfficeAddin.dll”

5. Press Enter

A “DllUnregisterServer in AwareMSOfficeAddin.dll succeeded” message should appear.

1. cannot go next at poller wizard step 2

cannot go next at poller wizard step 2, usually happen on the non-english language computer, like Noway and Italy (both did happen), the solution is to register dsiigraph64.ocx. Here is the steps:
1. run cmd.exe as administrator
2. cd “program files(x86)\powercom for office2013”
3. regsvr32 dsiigraph64.ocx

2. cannot connect base with powercom2.48.2 in windows 7 and office 2007

Check “My Documents >powercom >log” to know PowerCom missing 2 dll files (SLABHIDDevice.dll, SLABHIDtoUART.dll), copy these 2 dll files from “c:\program files>powercom for office2007” to “c:\windows\system32” to solve the problem.

3. Conflict with WiFi

Please don? set up channel as Channel 1, 6 or 11. They are three commonly used channels for Wi-Fi access points. It will cause the slow voting signals.

4. HID base cannot be found

Solution: please copy and paste SLABHIDDevice.dll and SLABHIDtoUART.dll (locate at my documents\powercom folder) and to your C:\Windows\SysWOW64

5. Why does the base station USB driver has to be loaded twice?

It’s loaded the first time to install the “Fleetwood (FTDI) USB Serial Converter Driver” for the Fleetwood Reply CRS940 Base, and the second time to install the COM port emulation driver.

6. What does 'no echo' mean?

ReplyWorldwide keypads have an option that can display the result of a participant’s vote, on their keypad. When Digit Echo has been activated the number shows on the participants LED display, when ‘no echo’ is selected a horizontal bar will appear.

7. What are these 3 buttons with 1 to 3 horizontal bars on top of keypad 1,2,3 ?

The bars are called softkeys (a new feature for the CRS5200). If enabled, these keys can be used as 3 extra general-purpose response buttons for non-numeric responses. PowerCom does not utilize the softkeys.

8. My base station is connected, but I'm not receiving a signal when I press the keypad, how can I troubleshoot the problem?

You must first check to see if the base station channel and keypad are on the same channel. To view the base station channel, look at the ?onnect base station screen? Then check the channel on the keypad. Here are two ways to verify the keypad channel: a. Hold down the Clr key while you press 2. Then release both keys and press * key LED display 2 digits as the keypad channel. b. Hold down the Clr key while press 9,7,3. Then release the Clr key and press * key LED display 2 digits as the keypad channel.

9. I'm having trouble with my ComPort - can I fix it?

If you have ComPort connection problem – try this: 1. Uninstall USB device in “Device Manager” 2. Restart machine and un-plug the Base Station USB connection 3. Re-plug in Base Station USB 4. You may need to install USB driver again, please install it from PowerCom\USB driver folder. After you finish these steps, your connection should be restored.

10. If I cannot connect to the base station, how do I troubleshoot the problem?

Before trying to connect to the base station, first make sure that PowerCom software has been installed. After the software installation is complete, plug in the base station and install the USB driver (from PowerCom\USB Driver folder). If you still cannot connect to base station, check your Communications Port (COM1 & COM2). Use the Device Manager (right mouse click My Computer, then click Manage) to verify which port being used. If you still are unable to connect, uninstall the current USB driver and reinstall the USB driver again. Follow the following steps: 1. Uninstall USB device in “Device Manager” 2. Restart machine and un-plug the Base Station USB connection 3. Re-plug in Base Station USB 4. You may need to install USB driver again, please install it from PowerCom\USB driver folder. After you finish these steps, the base and keypads should be connected. If on the rare occasion, your PowerCom system is still not able to find the base station, check the Device Manager Ports (COM & LPT) and your Communications Port (COM1, COM2, etc. to ensure they are working properly. A quick alternative to debug your base station connection is to install the Fleetwood ?eply Configuration and Diagnostic Utility?program, which is included when you purchase the keypad or can be downloaded from PowerCom forum file menu, in the Fleetwood ReplyWorldwide folder. If you can connect to your base station using the Fleetwood utility program, then you should re-install PowerCom. If you cannot connect to base station using Fleetwood utility program, then you should check the Communications Port to find out if it is occupied by another program.

11. I have 30 keypads numbered 31 to 60, however when I run PowerCom it shows 250 keypads, and states that 220 keypads did not vote. Can I change the number of keypads from 250 to 30?

Yes, you simply change the keypad range. Look on the base station screen for the “Keypad range allowed” field or Test Keypad Screen “Range to Poll” Enter the string that represents your keypad numbers – in your case “31-60”. (Note: keypad numbers separated by commas are treated as individual keypads, whereas keypads separated by a hyphen are interpreted as an inclusive range.)

12. I am conducting a confidential voting and I don't want the audience to see the adjacent audience member's vote, can I hide the LED display?

Absolutely! Just set the Digit Echo option to off.

13. How many types of keypads does your PowerCom software work with?

PowerCom currently works with 4 different Reply keypads: 1. ReplyWorldWide 2. Standard Reply 3. Reply EZ 4. Reply EU

14. How many keypads will the ReplyWorldwide system support?

The ReplyWorldwide Base station CRS940 can accept the responses of up to 250 keypads on a single radio channel. With 15 radio channels available, the ReplyWorldwide can support as many as 3,750 keypads in a single room. However, if you combine 2 Reply EU base stations with 13 ReplyWorldwide base stations, the capacity increases to 4,550 keypads because each Reply EU base station supports 650 keypads. If more keypads are required, a special order can be placed, giving users the ability to have 72 channels and the capacity to support up to 18,000 keypads.

15. How many keypads can each base station communicate with?

Reply has a variety of models available. One of Reply’s most popular models is the ReplyWorldwide Base station CRS940, which supports the responses of up to 250 keypads, per base station.

16. How fast does the keypad and base station communicate?

The response time is very quick. Each base station can receive the response of 100 keypads per second.

17. How far can a keypad be placed away from the base station?

Keypads communicate with the base station using spread spectrum technology. With a ReplyWorldwide system the indoor range between base station and keypads is approximately 450 x 450 feet (150 x 150 meters).

18. How does the audience know that their vote was received by the system (base station and PowerCom)?

After selecting an answer choice, the number the participant has selected will appear in the LED display of their keypad. When their vote has been accepted, the LED display shows three horizontal lines to acknowledge that the base and PowerCom have received the vote. The display will then return to blank.

19. How do we know whether the keypad is communicating with the base station properly?

There is a simple test you can do to ensure that the base and keypad are communicating. The ReplyWorldwide keypads communicate with the Base Station using a wireless Radio Frequency (RF) technology. There are 15 programmable channels for each base station. For each keypad there are also 15 programmable channels and 250 programmable addresses. To set up proper communication between a set of keypad and base station, you have to set the same channel for your base station and all the keypads that will communicate with that base station. Factory default setting is channel 2, so if you have only 1 base station, we recommend you use channel 2. You should test all keypads to ensure they are all set to the same channel and have a unique keypad address from 1 to 250. If you are using more than 250 keypads, or more than one base station, you have to separate different base stations using different channels. Each channel can

20. How do I know if my batteries are getting low?

You can turn on the “Low Battery Notification” setting on ReplyWorldwide keypad. From the PowerCom menu (within PowerPoint), click “Find Base Station”, after you have connected the base station, click the “Test Keypads” then click “Keypad Settings” button and check “Low Battery Notification” on, depress ?pply? You now can test your keypads, if you press the keypad number you?l see a visual display that indicates the status of the keypad number you entered.Yellow means low battery. During polling, low battery is indicated by rapidly flashing of the seven-segment LED display when about 100 responses are remaining. One set of batteries can last up to 100,000 keypresses before needing to be replaced.

21. How do I connect my base station?

To connect your base station, first you need to install the base station USB driver. After that step has been completed, go to PowerCom menu (within PowerPoint) and select the system menu. There you’ll find a Hardware tab with a “Find Base Station” option. Click on it to connect to the base station.

22. How do I connect more than one base station to my computer?

To connect more than one base station, go to PowerCom menu (within PowerPoint) and select the system menu. There you’ll find a Hardware tab. For your first base station select Base A then click ?ind Base Station? For the second select Base B then click the ?ind Base Station?button again. Repeat the procedure with every base you want to connect. (Note: the system allows up to 15 different base stations.)

23. How can I identify a keypad holder?

With PowerCom, polling results can be tracked to an individual, or gathered anonymously. To identify the answers of a specific keypad holder you will need to set us a Roster List. This is done through the Roster/Team selection within the PowerCom menu. After the set up is complete, you’ll be able to identify which keypad a certain individual is using.

24. Can I use different types of Reply keypads during the same meeting session?

Yes, you can combine keypads. But keep in mind that each type of keypad has certain capabilities, and some may not support what you?e trying to do. For example, the Fastest Finger option would only be applicable to the ReplyWorldWide keypad participants.

25. Can I fix the ComPort?

If you have ComPort connection problem – try this: 1. Uninstall USB device in “Device Manager” 2. Restart machine and un-plug the Base Station USB connection 3. Re-plug in Base Station USB 4. You may need to install USB driver again, please install it from PowerCom\USB driver folder.

26. Can I change keypad numbers?

ReplyWorldwide Model CRS5200 keypads have a mode that allows the user to change or recall the current keypad address. There are two methods for accessing this mode: 1) Hold down the Clr key while press 9,5,1. Then release the Clr key and press * key LED display 3 digits as the keypad address. 2) Press and hold ?lr?and press ?? Then release both keys. This feature may be disabled from a previous base command. If it is disabled, use the 951 code listed above. Once one of the above actions has been performed, the two lower horizontal segments will light on the keypad. At this point, you have 5 seconds to do one of the following actions: 1) To recall the current address, press the ??key. The address will blink out on the display (001 ?250). 2) To set a new address, simply type in the new 3-digit address (i.e. ???”-?” = address 1, and ???”-?” = address 250). If the address was changed, the keypad will use this new address on the next key press.

27. After I press a key on the ReplyWorldwide keypad, I briefly see 3 horizontal lines, before they quickly disappear. What does this mean?

That is a feature called “post acknowledge”, post acknowledge confirms to a user that the keypad signal has been received by the base station. This feature can be activated or disabled for each individual keypad. To deactivate this feature use the clear (Clr) key and then press 920 on the keypad. Or set on/off for all keypads in selected ranges via PowerCom Keypad settings function. Please reference PowerCom online help topic “Reply World Wide Keypad Settings” for more information.

28. How do I change base station channels?

To change channels first “Find base station”, next connect to the base station, and then enter the new channel and press enter.

1. Can not connect to base

1. Update device driver in device manager.
2. CRS940 base com port must less than 15, and RF1 base com port must less than 31

2. What is the different between WW & Plus?

Please check the following link for more information :

3. Is Reply Plus firmware upgradeable?

Yes. Fleetwood provides a Firmware upgrade utility for firmware using which you can perform your upgrade without shipping the keypad back to Fleetwood. Please contact your dealer or PowerCom for the firmware upgrade.

4. How to decide that the Reply keypad model is my best Audience Response Solution?

The following questions should help you decide:

1. Do you ever need more than 10 answer choices for a given question? Yes/No

2. Do you ever need to use multiple selection question? Yes/No

3. Do you need to use priority question? Yes/No

A. If you replied “Yes” to any one of these 3 questions then choose PowerCom RF2 Keypad.

B. If you answered “No” to all of these 3 questions, then use PowerCom RF1.

C. If you can limit your answer choice up to 5 for the first question, then you can use PowerCom Mini.

5. How can I determine my current keypad's address mode?

This can be found when you power on the keypad. If the LCD display number of base is found after searching for bases, then the keypad is in dynamic address mode. If the keypad displays the keypad ID (from 1 to 500) at upper left corner of the display then the keypad is in static address mode. To confirm or change the address mode enter keypad menu by pressing the Search key and the Del key simultaneously. Then locate Mode menu to enter and change the address mode. Enter the Address menu to change the keypad ID/address when the keypad is in static address mode.

1. DsiiGraph64.ocx failed to register

Install vcredist file first, vcredist folder locate in setup folder.

2. What kind of battery does RF2 use?

The Powercom RF2 uses AA battery

3. What kind of battery does RF1 use?

The Powercom RF1 uses coin battery.

4. How to ensure that the base station USB driver is installed correctly and is ready to be used?

Use Device manger in Computer Management to check if you can find the Fleetwood Reply base station on your computer’s USB Controller list.

5. Do I have to re-start computer after PowerCom installation is completed?

This is an InstallShield option. There is no need to re-boot. Just choose the “No, I will restart my computer later” option.

6. Can I know which PowerCom version was used to create the question slide?

Yes, this feature is available since PowerCom V2.24. Go to the PowerPoint File menu and click the Properties sub menu, then open the Custom tab and look for PowerComversion. Note: Question slide created prior to V2.24, version number cannot be traced.

7. How do I know if the Firmware of Reply Plus Keypad is compatible and up-to-date?

The firmware on keypad and base station must be compatible with the API used by PowerCom. As of January 2008, the firmware for the base station is V1.00, for the keypad it is V1.02, and for the WRS970.OCX it is V1.03, dated 11/28/2007. When you power on base station, the firmware version will be displayed on the LCD screen of the base. You can use keypad menu (Press Del and Base key at the same time) to check the keypad firmware version. To check the version of WRS970.ocx use file explorer to locate the OCX file in the Program files\PowerCom folder and right mouse click the wrs970.ocx file to open Properties and then the Version tab. It is a good practice to report firmware version when contacting PowerCom for technical support.

1. When I use dynamic Addressing, Will I lose keypad Id after keypad is powered off and turned on again?

Yes. However PowerCom provides a “Save Keypad List” function to remember keypad ID at the Test keypad screen. You can save the Keypad List to a roster list file after testing all keypads. You can then assign the roster list file to your PowerCom. After setting up the save keypad list function, PowerCom will load the keypad ID every time your keypad connects to the base station.

2. When I set 'Authentication' to True and then try to connect keypad to base station why do I get the 'Not Authorized' message?

If you set authenticate to true, then it denotes that only the keypads have been connected to base station previously and they are authorized to connect to the base within the keypad range.

3. When do we need to disable Power key?

To prevent keypad from being powered off accidentally. This feature is useful because the following two beep keypad functions will not work if keypad is powered-off: 1.During the meeting, when you want to use the “Beep Keypads Ranged” feature to warn audience when the keypad is out of base station coverage range. 2.After the meeting when you want to use the “Beep Keypads” feature to locate the missing keypad.

4. What is the different between the 'beep keypad' and the 'beep keypad ranged' features?

1. Setting beep keypad to true will make all connected keypads beep continuously. You can use this function to make sure that all keypads are connected to the right base 2.If you set Beep Keypads Ranged to true, and then all keypads that are connected to the base, but have moved out of the RF range, will beep continuously. This function is useful for checking if all keypads are within range and are able to send and receive information from the base.

5. What is Avoid Wifi and how to use this feature?

AvoidWifi is a Radio Frequency communication performance parameter for the Reply Plus system to avoid the same frequency channels in the nearby WiFi access point “bandwidth”. Please check :

6. How to set static address (and channel number) for a given keypad?

You can set the keypad channel number (Base ID) and keypad ID (Address) after you set the keypad to static mode.

Base ID and Address menus are visible on keypad LCD menu list only when this keypad is set to the static addressing mode.

Press the Search and Delete keys at the same time to invoke the keypad menu on keypad LCD screen.

Then press the left and right soft keys to locate the menu item base ID and Address.

Press the middle soft key to display the Base ID (Channel number) and the Address (keypad ID).

To change the keypad ID (address), enter the three digits, up to 500, for the new keypad address. As each key is entered, the previous will shift a position to the left on the display. Once the desired address is shown, press the SEND key to save or the DEL key to exit without saving. If an invalid address is entered and SEND is pressed, the keypad will report that it is an invalid address and the address will not be saved.

7. How to set password protection on Reply Plus?

PowerCom Reply Plus Password Protection feature has 2 levels of security protection: one password per base station and individual password. The purpose of the base station level password is to prevent unauthorized login by someone from the nearby audience who is holding keypad with same channel.

Individual password protection is available by storing individual passwords in the PowerCom roster, and then validating the passwords during audience login. Check “Match login with password from Roster file” to indicate you want PowerCom to validate the password entered by audience with the password on the Roster List. Go to the Base & Keypad Settings screen and check “Login Enabled”. PowerCom will indicate Login Password use with the message “From Roster”.
For more information please see : help->Roster and Team->Advanced Roster Settings or

8. How to determine the address mode setting for a given keypad?

The search key when pressed will change the three digits in the upper left corner of the LCD to display the current Base ID (channel) for 3 seconds. After the timeout, it will display the keypad address again. If the keypad is configured as Dynamic Addressed then the key will prompt the user to search for bases units.

9. How to configure address mode?

A: Keypads must be configured locally.The base station is configured through the PowerCom base settings screen.

You use PowerCom Base settings to configure the base station addressing mode for each base station.

You use keypad menu to configure address mode.

Press the Search and Delete keys at the same time to invoke keypad menu on keypad LCD.

Then press the left and right soft keys to choose different menu items.

10. How can I enable a multi-site ARS meeting?

Connecting the base station at the remote site using Ethernet connection can enable multi-site ARS meeting.

11. Can we combine use both USB and TCP base station connections to a computer?

Yes, but make sure you do not use the same channel.

For TCP Connect to Base station please see

12. Can I use USMax in the European region?

No, The European certification does not allow the use of the USMax setting in Europe.
For more information please check:

13. Can I regulate the WiFi traffic to avoid RF traffic?

1. Can I use the Spectrum Analyzer on a different computer to monitor the RF channel/band

2. Can I adjust Avoid WiFi from PowerCom computer
A: Yes, use the Reply Plus Wi-Fi avoidance feature to improve performance in high density wireless environments.

14. Can audience keypad ID get reassigned if the keypad got switched off and on again? Can we then reconnect a different base station or obtain a different keypad ID?

If you use static address mode then the keypad ID and base channel will not be lost when you power off the keypad. When you use dynamic address mode, Power off and then power on the keypad, then the keypad id may be re-assigned to the next available address when you connect to the base station. PowerCom can store the keypad ID when you use dynamic address mode, in case the keypad gets powered off during the meeting. When audience power on the keypad again, PowerCom will remember the originally saved keypad ID, and will not allow base station to re-assign new keypad ID. Please review online help topic ?ave keypad list?in the Reply Plus base settings, address mode section for more information.

15. Why use 2 program (1 web base, 1 desktop application) to configure Reply Plus Base station IP address and when to use what?

If you know the base IP address, then use the web application by entering the IP address as URL in the browser to start the “Digi Connect ME configuration and Management” and there is no need to locate and install the Digi Wizard. However if you don’t know the base IP address then you have to install the desktop application and run the Digi Wizard desktop application.

16. When I disable the Power key, will keypad remain powered on till it runs out of battery?

No, the keypad will be timed out and will power off in 60 minutes.

17. What is the impact when the set Authenticate feature is set to true?

If you set authenticate to true, then only the keypads registered and within the keypad range are authorized to connect to the base. All keypads must be previously connected to the base station (when set ?uthenticate?is set to false), to be able to connect again after set ?uthenticate?is set to true. For more information please check:…

18. What is the difference between the two settings, setting Authenticate to true and setting Authenticate to false?

If you set authenticate to true, then only the keypads registered and within the keypad range are authorized to connect to the base. If this is set to false, then keypads that are not registered and within the keypad range can still connect to the base and vote.

19. If I do not configure any base station and keypad setting will there be default settings?

Yes, there are factory default settings. However PowerCom recommends user “PowerCom Default Settings”. Go to the Base & keypad setting screen then click ?owerCom Default Settings?button.

20. I am a new Reply Plus user, I am not familiar with the base settings. How to start using Reply Plus quickly and without making mistakes?

Use Powercom default settings. Check your keypad address mode then set base station address accordingly.

21. Can we combine use both Dynamic and static address modes to a computer?

Yes, but you cannot use same channel.

22. Can I use Power Level EuroMax in the USA?

Yes, PowerCom team recommends that you use High or EuroMax as a normal setting and USMax for any critical large venues in the US or Canada. For more information please check:…

1. If I have one question which has 15 answer choices but I will let audience to choose only one answer, what kind of question type should I use?

Please use the multi alpha question type and enter “1” at how many answer choices the audience will be allowed to enter at step 2 of poller wizard.

1. Why I cannot switch PowerCom from Worldwide to Plus in Windows Vista?

You must run “Switch PowerCom Version” as Administrator to be able to switch.

2. What software is required with PowerCom?

1) You’ll need Windows 2000 and above. 2) Office 2000 and above. Please install Microsoft Office Web Component (In Office Tools). 3) Internet Explorer Version 6 and above. 4) Please install the latest patches of Microsoft Windows and Office from Microsoft web site.

3. I'm using an old version of PowerCom, how can I upgrade to the latest version?

Simply run the latest PowerCom set up program. The PowerCom set-up program will detect the older version and ask for permission to remove it. After your conformation, the program set-up will remove the older version and install the latest version. Your activation will not be affected and your Poller settings will change. However, the set up program will replace the existing sample.ppt file.

4. Does PowerCom support any languages other than English?

Yes, PowerCom supports all Windows supported languages. However, as with other applications you will have to install the necessary language pack to view or edit the language you need. If you have any issues relating to languages, please post your issue at

5. How can I remove the PowerCom menu after uninstalling PowerCom?

To remove the PowerCom menu, Launch PowerPoint, click the menu Tools -> Customize, click “Tool Bar” tab, select “PowerCom Bar”, then click “Delete” button, then, click the menu “PowerCom” in PowerPoint menu bar, and drop it into the “Customize” window. Finally, close the “Customize” window.

6. I installed PowerCom successfully. But when I open PowerPoint, I cannot see PowerCom menu. Why?

During PowerCom un-installation, the system set the registry entry to “LoadBehavior”=dword:00000002 to remove the PowerCom submenus. Somehow during installation, the entry never reset to “LoadBehavior”=dword:00000003.
The registry not resetting is the cause of PowerPoint not showing the PowerCom menus.
Here’s how to fix it:
1. Go to the PowerCom Folder and right mouse click the AddIn.reg file and click property. Uncheck Read Only to allow editing of this file.
2. Right mouse click the AddIn.reg file again. Edit this file using notepad, then Edit the file registry and change the entry from “LoadBehavior”=dword:00000002 to “LoadBehavior”=dword:00000003
3. Save and close the file. Double click the AddIn.reg file and the system will pop up a message: Click yes.
4. Run PowerPoint and the PowerCom menu should contain the right sub menus.

1. Would Fleetwood consider a 'trade-in' option if we decide to upgrade to a new system at a later point?

At this time Fleetwood does not accept trade-ins, however good used keypads are always in demand. Generally very few people want to sell their old systems. We are always aware of customers looking for used keypad, so we may be able to help should the need to upgrade arise.

2. What is the ReplyWorldwide Warranty?

Fleetwood Group, Inc. offers a 2-year warranty (limited warranty, factory parts and labor). Visit or call 1-888-GO REPLY (467-3759) for details.

3. We are in the process of investing in the latest Fleetwood system. How confident are you that this system will not become obsolete in the near future?

We are very confident that this system will not be obsolete anytime soon. Fleetwood systems have a long shelf life, and the keypads themselves will work for many years to come. (Most are active for 15+ years.) Fleetwood has been making keypad systems for more than 15 years, and although some designs do eventually get phased out of production and replaced, the older systems are still repairable. The Fleetwood system currently consists of 2 voting keypads – the WW or Worldwide keypad and the more sophisticated IQ keypad. The WW keypad was introduced just over a year ago and the IQ is now 3 years old. The basic keypads will remain the same, but enhancements and changes will occur inside the cases to improve performance. This has recently happened with the original Standard keypad. The original Standard keypad went out of production earlier this year, but can work alongside the new WW keypads using the same software.

4. How scalable or upgradeable is the system? Does it allow for at least 4-5 years usage, comfortably?

The system is easily scaleable and upgradeable. Assuming that you have the WW keypads, you simply add more keypads to the base station, making sure that the keypads have their own unique number for the relevant base station; keypad 234 on Base station channel one. If you go above 250 keypads on a channel, you have to use a different channel for the next group of 250 keypads. Pressing a few buttons easily changes keypad numbers and keypad channel numbers. The base station channel number can be changed by a software command. The WW system works with up to 15 channels (using 250 keypads on each channel). Which means that you can either run a big meeting of 3,750 people or 15 meetings in close proximity with up to 250 people per meeting.

1. Can I send my PPT file with the voting result to someone who does not have PowerCom installed?

Yes, PowerCom captures the result data in many formats. When selecting the Office Document report 01 & 02 the report will include a snapshot of the polling result with the polling slide.

2. Where can I retrieve the polling result after polling ended?

To view polling result data use Basic Data Review in Report menu. To retrieve the polling result in Excel spreadsheet, use Office Document Report 09 Excel Detail Report.

3. How do I export polling result out of the computer?

To export polling results use Office Document Report 09 Excel Detail Report. Or take the result data directly as XML format. The result data has the same file name as the PowerPoint file with XML as file type, and it should resides on the same folder as PPT file.

4. Does PowerCom provide snapshots of polling results on the slide during the display stage?

Yes, Office Document report 01 & 02 will provide a snapshot of the polling result on the slide.

5. Can I review the polling result data during the slide show?

Yes, polling data can be viewed at anytime, but it’s best to wait until the entire show is finished, otherwise the result data may not be complete.

1. How many keypads one base station can control?

One base station can control up to 250 keypads.

2. What 'Single digit' means?

It means only one answer can be chosen as the answer. For Mini keypad, the audience can choose one answer out of up to 5 choices. For Worldwide, the audience can one answer out of up to 10 choices.

3. Why isn't the Powercom add-in tab showing?

A: Check if the Powerpoint add in option is enabled. If not you need to enable to add-in first.

4. Why can't my base station be detected?

A: Single digit keypads: Reply Mini and Reply Worldwide require activation go to the system tab of the software and click “Activate”. You may activate by keying the 32 digit key. You can also activate by tying it to base (wherein the base station serial# is the the license key) and through a dongle, wherein the license is saved in a dongle – this process doesn’t require internet connection.

5. After I press a key I briefly see 3 horizontal lines, before they quickly disappear. What does this mean?

That is a feature called “post acknowledge”, post acknowledge confirms to a user that the keypad signal has been received by the base station. This feature can be activated or disabled for each individual keypad. To deactivate this feature use the clear (Clr) key and then press 920 on the keypad. Or set on/off for all keypads in selected ranges via PowerCom Keypad settings function. Please reference PowerCom online help topic “Reply World Wide Keypad Settings” for more information.

1. What is the maximum number of choices ReplyWorldwide allows?

Questions can be set up with 10 answer choices.

2. Is it possible to have more than 10 answer choices?

If you are using the Reply IQ system, you can have up to 100 answer choices (00-99), otherwise you must break your question into groups of 10 answer choices.

3. How to I set the correct answer? And, can I assign more than one correct answer to my questions?

The PowerCom Poller Wizard will help you do that. Within step 2 you simply check any answer choices that you will accept as being correct. You can have one correct answer, or as many as you like. PowerCom blinks the corrected answer bar when displaying the result graphic.

4. Can PowerCom enforce conditional questions? For example, if some of my audience members answered YES to a question, can I restrict my poll just to them? Or can I just poll the females in my audience?

No sorry you can’t. However please contact our PowerCom team to see if they can customize a program to handle this special request.

5. Can PowerCom be used for team competitions?

Absolutely! But first you must set up your team in a Roster List so PowerCom knows which person belongs to which team. This can be done through the PowerCom menu. Select Roster/Team, set up a new Roster Template or use an existing template and input any information you want to track into your Roster List.

6. Can I poll the audience and then assign the majority answer, as the corrected answer?

Yes. This can be done within step 2 of the PowerCom Poller Wizard.

7. Can I play a song and ask the audience to identify the name of the song?

Absolutely! That’s what makes PowerCom so dynamic and interactive. Step 4 of the The PowerCom Poller Wizard has a “Polling Music and Timer” option. Simply check “Play Music While Polling?and assign a music file. PowerCom will play the music file when your slide appears.

8. Can I Play a movie clip, and ask the audience to identify the name of the movie?

Absolutely! That’s what makes PowerCom so dynamic and interactive. Construct your question slide and insert the poller as usual, then insert a movie clip to the slide and choose “Automatically” when PowerPoint asks “How do you want the movie to start in the slide show”?PowerCom will start playing the video when your slide appears.

9. Can I assign points to those you get the answer correct and track those with the highest score?

Yes you can. Actually that’s a powerful feature within PowerCom called Winners. When using the Poller Wizard put the number of points beside the answer choice(s) and points will automatically be awarded to those that answer correctly. The systems will track and rank Individual, Cumulative, and Team points. To see the results click 揥?and a winners screen will be displayed. There you can see who has the most points.

10. Can I assign different weight to the answers an audience provides?

No, this is a feature is not currently available, however it is on PowerCom’s implementation list.

1. When I run the same PowerPoint presentation (PPT file) a second time, will PowerCom override the polling results data, or do I need to save them?

No, the previous session results will not be erased. PowerCom has built-in intelligence that will guide you. When you rerun slide show on your PPT file, PowerCom will ask you if you want to restart your presentation, or resume from the last slide. Regardless, your data is saved. If you choose “Create a new session start from 1st slide” PowerCom automatically backs up the previous data results, and runs the slide show as a brand new session. If you resume the new data is combined with the previous data and then saved.

2. I have no keypad; can I simulate the slide show polling?

Yes, PowerCom is equipped with a demo mode so you can view and test your presentation without connecting your keypads. PowerCom defaults into demo mode so keypads are not necessary until you want to go live.

3. How can I find out if someone has not voted?

PowerCom keeps track of those that vote and do not vote. During polling use the “Absentee” function (which is shortcut key A). You’ll see a list of keypads that haven’t voted yet, and once the missing votes are registered, corresponding keypad numbers disappear.

4. Does the system allow participants to give multiple answers?

No, only single answer choices are allowed for ReplyWorldwide system. However, you can break down your question into several questions, asking participated for their first choice, second choice etc.

5. Can PowerCom tell me who answered the question correctly, first?

Absolutely! We call that our “Fastest Finger” display. Using Fastest Finger you can make a game of it and identify the person (keypad) which first answered correctly. The results are displayed in the Winners screen.

6. Can PowerCom tell me which audience member answered the most questions correct?

Yes, as long as you award points to a particular answer choice PowerCom will track the highest score. To see the results use the “W” shortcut key. This brings up the Winners Screen and you can see Individual, Cumulative and well as Team scores.

7. Can I use PowerPoint slide show function Shift + F5?

Yes, after you press Shift+f5 to start your slide show, with PowerCom you now have an option to “Continue the session from the current slide”.

8. Can I still use PowerPoint animation with PowerCom?

Definitely! After version 2.17 PowerCom supports PowerPoint animation. We recommend you use the start option “with previous” to start the animation instead of “On click” option for your slide show animation.

9. Can I run more than one slide show on the same computer?

Yes, however, you can only conduct one polling slide show at a time. So even with two presentations open, only one will have the capability to poll your audience.

10. Can I resume the voting after I've closed down the slide show without completing all the question slides?

Yes, PowerCom has built-in intelligence that remembers which slide you polled last. Just start your PowerPoint presentation again and PowerCom will ask if you want to restart, or continue from where you left off, or start the slide show from the current slide (just like PowerPoint depress shift + F5) and select 揷ontinue the session from the current slide?to continue polling from your last polling slide.

12. Can I re-vote a question?

Yes, you can re-vote. To revote you must wait until the poll has finished, or Stop it using your space bar. Then clear the previous results using the shortcut key R. The poll will be run again.

13. Can I insert a new question slide without exiting the slide show?

Certainly – that’s one of PowerCom’s best features. During a non-polling stage, users can insert slides on the fly using the Impromptu feature (shortcut key I ).

14. Can I hide the voting result?

Yes, the ability to keep the polling results confidential is an important benefit. To hide your polling results, set “Do not display results graphic for this slide” during Step 1 of the Poller Wizard “Choices and Labels” this will skip the results graph display. (Note: alternatively, you can skip the results graph display during a presentation by pressing your Page Down key, after Poll Stop to skip the result graph display.)

15. Can I analysis (or filter) the voting results by another demographic question?

Yes, PowerCom has a demographic analysis feature (AKA demographic cut). To use it you must first create a demographic question slide. Then, during your slide show you can right click on the Poller Box, click on the “Demographic Question List” menu, to select the demographic question that has completed the vote as Demographic filter slide.

16. Can I set a time limit for answering the question?

You sure can. PowerCom has a Timer feature. When you’re setting up your polling slides, you’ll find it in Step 4 of the Poller wizard. Just check off the timer and tell PowerCom the number of seconds you wish to provide for this question. (Note: to start the Timer count down clock during your polling press the shortcut key T)

1. Remote Laser Pointer Work With PowerCom

1. Download hotkeyp tool from

2. Hotkeyp will not display Main Window, it will become a icon in system tray.

3. Right mouse click on hotkeyp icon, choose “open”, house of fun will show up config window.

4. In Hotkeyp config window, click “Add” button, to add a hotkey.

5. In “Hot Key” window, decide what key you want to replace with “space” , for example, we choose “z”, you can also use like “Ctrl + Z” or “CTRL+ ALT + Z”. Then choose “Macro” in command, and type “\space” in “Parameters”

6. Click “OK” button, then you can use “Z” instead of “Place” now.

2. Spacebar working not good When Run Presentation in Windows 7

Suggestion is to disable all specially effect in Windows 7 in :

Control panel-System-Advanced setting-Performance-Best performance


Any animation may block PowerCom!

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