Customer Service


PowerCom provides several options for Customer Service contact:

  • (Recommended) Live Chat Support 24/7: Live Chat Support is readily available to all customers.  It is highly recommended that customers please use the Live Chat option as it is the most efficient and open support option; agents are available 24/7 for support, questions, or concerns.   If necessary, Live Chat representatives will forward problems to our technicians, who will e-mail or call customers regarding their problems.

  • Telephone Service Telephone Service: Our friendly telephone agents are open for customer service calls at 212-997-2000.  Our lines are open from Mondays through Fridays, EST 8:00 A.M to EST 10:00 P.M. Our U.S. Toll-Free number is 1-877-DSINFOR.
  • E-Mail Service E-mail: Customers are welcome to e-mail us about any problems at PowerCom-{at} . Please include your contact information in your e-mail.
  • Skype Service Skype: Skype support is also available to customers.  Please skype us: our username is PowerComARS.