PowerCom 32 Digit CD License Management


The 32 Digit CD license is a traditional way to activate PowerCom. It consists of 32  digit letters and numbers combination. Please note that the 32 digit CD key is limited to only three activations, however, other licensing options are recommended for users looking to activate on several computers.

PowerCom is committed to continuous development and innovation with the goal of maintaining our reputation as the most cutting-edge and sophisticated Audience Response System producer on the market. We are constantly striving to integrate user suggestions, increase functionality, and stay up-to-date with the newest versions of Microsoft PowerPoint, OS’s, and other PowerCom associated systems. Currently, we are dedicated to a fixed schedule of issuing a version upgrade about every two months!

PowerCom users with a 32 Digit CD license are entitled to one year of free license and software upgrades, and their existing licenses will never expire – presenters can continue to use their versions of PowerCom’s software indefinitely.

In order to enjoy the bi-monthly upgrades, however, (recent version update features include instituting complete functionality in eight languages, calculating and storing demographics, and other new features) PowerCom ARS users will need to update their licenses after their one year of free upgrades have expired.

Validating or Renewing Your PowerCom 32 Digit CD Version


you decide to renew your 32 Digit CD license, just call 212-997-2000, email
PowerCom(at)dsii.net, or engage one of our representatives in
through the PowerComARS website. You may also check the License Renewal page
under the E-Store drop down menu.


How to check the PowerCom version

Open PowerPoint. Click on PowerCom Menu > Help > About PowerCom. The PowerCom Version will be displayed.


about PowerCom interactive Powerpoint