Classroom and Student Response Systems

Classroom Clickers

Classroom Response Systems allow for more interactive lectures and testing procedures. With the response keypads, teachers and professors can conduct tests and quizzes knowing that the procedure will be immediate and paperless. 

Since polling is anonymous and immediate, individual students will not know what other students are selecting for each answer and all the answers are sent directly to the teacher’s computer, which will calculate and total what each student received as a score on that test or quiz. Since each student receives his or her own keypad, the audience response system can also be used to take attendance. 

Classroom Response System Clickers

The audience response system will improve classroom attentiveness during the lectures as well as creating a fun learning environment. Since teachers and professors can create competitions with teams, student engagement in such competitions will be increased. Teachers and professors will also know results from the competitions immediately because data transfer from polling is quick and efficient. Classroom response systems will change classroom lectures for the better.

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