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Do you want to get instant feedback and have an interactive learning session in your classes or trainings?

Do you want to include games into your classes and make learning more fun such as Who Wants to be a Millionaire with fastest finger and Jeopardy among others?

PowerCom audience response system can transform any class to a highly-participated, interactive, fun learning session. Studies have shown that teachers using classroom response systems tend to develop students who score much better on evaluations.

Classroom Performance System

PowerCom's audience response software and response hardware is a complete set of student response system. It is a powerpoint add in which makes it easy to learn for anyone who has used Microsoft Powerpoint. It allows it to be widely used and applied in education, from K-To-12 to higher education.It utilizes software and hardware to achieve active communication and is a quick form of feedback between teachers and students.Studies show that interactive learning not only increases comprehension but allows students to retain information much longer.

Audience Response Software Features:

Classroom Clicker
  • General question types: Single answer, multiple answers, weight priority/ranking, Free form.
  • Special question types: SMS Question, Roll call, Slider, Comparison slide, Winner slide, Likert scale
  • Include a roster file with names of the students to create teams
  • Roll call feature to show how many attendees should be present
  • Absentee list feature to show who still needs to key in their answers
  • Voting data will be saved automatically. Guaranteed never lose any data.
  • Compare slides – make a comparison such as pre lecture slides to post lecture.
  • Various reports including Fastest finger report, Class details report, to export the answers or keypad inputs information
  • Easy 4 step poller wizard to create polls for your question slides. Only need one click to add a new slide with Poller.
  • Impromptu feature to quickly add a new slide without exiting the slideshow
  • Import the questions from a TXT file directly.
  • Global change help edit all your Pollers more efficiently.
  • Combine/Merge more than 2 events data
  • Filter/Analyze the data demographically

Transform Your Classroom Into A Game Show

Classroom Response System:

With PowerCom interactive learning systems you can create games to make learning more enjoyable and focus on the topics that students that need more learning or training. PowerCom also makes grading tests and quizzes a quick and easy process.

For example, PowerCom audience response system can be used to...

  • Create mock tests to help students study
  • Introduce real world scenarios and ask for feedback
  • Identify the areas that students are not fully comprehending
  • Gauge the effectiveness of each training method
  • Compare test results / slides
  • Adjust training programs based on the group's knowledge level
  • Reinforce key topics by posting questions following a lecture
  • Test post lecture retention of knowledge

What you need to have for your classroom:

  1. Classroom Clickers. Each student will use one classroom clicker. Anonymous or by name.
  2. Base station or receiver. It can be used at both small classroom and big auditorium.
  3. Audience response software. PowerCom is a PowerPoint Add-on software to collect real time voting.

voting education software screen image

Case Study-Law School:


A lecturer in a Law School can use the classroom response system to teach a class with about 22 students. Each student will be given a clicker to input their feedback. The base station will collect the information and transport it to the lecturer’s computer, where the information data will be analyzed and exported in optional various formats of documents such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc. The roll call feature can capture the number of attendees in the class and the expected number of attendees.

The absentee list feature can tell how many students/who are the students who still need to key in their answers. The Moment to moment function, which is specially developed by PowerCom, can help establish a mock jury process that will imitate a real jurisdiction process. The lecturer can start a quiz to gauge how much the students grasp the content. The quiz result can be collected and scored at the real time. After the quiz, the lecture can export the result to Class Details Report, which will show each student’s performance.

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