Powercom Wireless Voting System, Wireless Audience Response Keypad, Wireless Remote Control, Wireless Remote

Shareholder Meetings

Corporate Elections


Powercom Wireless Voting System, Wireless Audience Response Keypad, Wireless Remote Control, Wireless Remote, Wireless Keypad, Wireless Interactive

By adding PowerCom to your meetings or elections you can create an interactive meeting to speed up the voting or polling process, and keep your meetings running on point, and on time.

For example, PowerCom can be used to:

  • Track individual member response.
  • Streamline membership elections.
  • Provide anonymous opinion-polling in real-time.
  • Speed up group decision-making.
  • Brainstorm and prioritize a variety of sponsorship ideas in minutes.
  • Encourage interactive discussions.
  • Measure the relevance of their association’s benefits.


Use PowerCom wireless voting system to ensure your meetings address the unique needs of the assembled audience. With a touch of a keypad your organization could collect member feedback and quickly vote on policy and procedure changes at the interactive meeting.

PowerCom provides an accurate method of capturing and tracking votes. With PowerCom you can eliminate the time consuming aspect of electing new committee members by collective voting and easily identify who has voted and who has not, and tabulate the results immediately.

With PowerCom you’ll have the technological edge to capture feedback in real-time and provide instant results through graphs and reports in an interactive event.

PowerCom Election add-on component is specially designed for shareholders meeting. Most frequently used in annual general meetings or annual general shareholders?meetings to conduct board of director elections and vote on motions and resolutions.

PowerCom Election replaces 揤oting Paper?and proxy by casting an electronic vote that includes voting at the shareholders’ meeting, typically involving corporate governance and financing issues, such as approval of the board of directors, any proposed new incentive structures, or capitalization plans.

PowerCom Election feature highlights:

  • The voting registration with Roll Call
  • Weighed election per the percentage of shareholders?shares
  • Get quick and accurate election results in real time
  • Efficient way to collect the voter抯 feedback

Case Study:

At our company抯 AGM, we want to elect 6 board directors from 16 candidates. Since most of the shareholders have different number of shares, my company uses PowerCom抯 election to create a weighted vote. We want to make a two-round election for the interest of fairness. During the pre-meeting preparation, we assign the roster to the keypads and use the poller wizard to create an election poller. When the meeting starts, we conduct a roll call to register the number of voters. Then we vote for the board of directors. After the first round of voting, the candidates with 20% or more of the votes have already secured their positions as board directors. We also drop the candidates with less than 5% of the votes. The remaining candidates will enter in the second round. The rest of the board will then be filled with the top candidates from the second round of voting.

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The applications for PowerCom are only limited by your imagination!