Seminars With Powercom Polling Systems, Audience Polling Systems


Keynote Speaking Engagements

Powercom adds an engaging and interactive appeal to seminars and keynote speeches.


Seminars With Powercom Polling Systems, Audience Polling Systems

With Powercom audience response systems, keynote speakers will have the ability to hold the interests of their audience in the palm of their hands. Presenters can reinforce key points using questionnaires, and stir up emotions by incorporating audience polls.

By using PowerCom presenters could confirm the group’s interest level, and identify where further knowledge, inspiration and motivation are needed.

For example, PowerCom can be used to…

  • Discover how your audience feels about the information you’re sharing
  • Gather accurate feedback without group influence
  • Create a sense of group belonging and acceptance
  • Encourage interactive discussions during breakout sessions
  • Capture anonymous opinion-polling in real-time
  • Promote group consensus and influential action
  • Determine the retention level of the speech or seminar
  • Pretest the response of your audience before asking them to invest further time or money into your program

When using Powercom polling systems to interact with your audience, your seminars and speeches will reach a new level of involvement and collaboration.


The applications for PowerCom are only limited by your imagination!