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PowerCom for PowerPoint Supported Languages

  • In response to user requests around the world, PowerCom for PowerPoint has been working since 2008 to introduce complete software functionality in 11 new languages!
  • Every PowerCom for PowerPoint Multilingual version includes full PowerCom and PowerPoint compatibility, and each PowerCom version contains identical programming to its English counterpart.
  • Just one PowerCom for PowerPoint installation covers all ten language packs.
  • Users can enable or disable any supported language pack with a license key (updatable for pre-existing users) or by license dongle setup.

Languages we are supporting now:

Why choose PowerCom Multi-lingual?

  • Fully compatible to Microsoft PowerPoint including Office 2007, Office 2010 and Office 2013
  • Quick and user friendly installation and setup for the local language
  • Short learning curve due to the fully PowerPoint add-on features
  • Worldwide local dealers and partners to provide support for the customers
  • Paired with Multi language display keypad, PowerCom will provide the most convenient user experience. (only PowerCom PC3 keypad available)

How to initiate the local language for your PowerCom for PowerPoint:

  1. Request a local language license by emailing powercom-{a}-dsii.net or through your PowerCom dealer
  2. PowerCom’s customer service team can add another language option to your license
  3. All technical support is in English but we have Spanish, Japanese and Chinese speaking customer service staff to provide support. Please contact us in advance to avail of non-Enlgish support.
  • Did not find out your language above? Please contact us to see if we can apply your language to the next version software

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