Audience Response Systems made more Amazing with Multi-site Voting

Broad range of organizations and industries earned great benefits with audience response systems. Audience response system introduces features that are valuable and empowering. One of these features is multi-site voting.

In modern age, lots of new and improve technologies are introduced to progress the way learning and discussions are presented. In many parts of the world, participants or audiences interact and contribute to learning and discussions without having to travel. The money and effort spent through booking flights, hotel accommodations and many others are answered with one amazing feature, the multi-site voting.

Within minutes, setting-up, learning and discussions are accomplished in various locations around the world. Time is valued and saved, plus the achievement of a highly commendable learning and discussion atmosphere. The latest technology in interactive response systems bring in the advantage of communication in diverse locations.

Multi-site voting presents high tech and instant learning and discussion performances set-up within minutes. With the central location serving as the base station, any other branches or facilities can participate to learning and discussions through video conferencing with Powercom’s audience response keypads, multi-site voting system feature.

Presenter and audiences experience interaction as if they are in one location or they are conducting the communication face to face. The utilization of this feature allows each location to use up to 500 keypads in 30 diverse locations. The results from diverse locations are sent or directed to the base or central station. The results are presented immediately and shared to other locations through video conferencing facilities.

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