PowerCom Software Comparison

PowerCom PowerCom Specialty PowerCom Election PowerCom Moment to Moment PowerCom Mock Jury PowerClick Why is it important?
PowerPoint Add-in Software Stand alone voting software Standalone voting software for Election Stand alone voting software Stand alone voting software for Mock jury Smartphone & tablet voting software it will determine the voting? speed, the event size and the flexibilty of your presentation.
Hardware compatibility
All keypads? PowerCom Mini, RF1, RF2,PowerCom PC3 PowerCom Mini, RF1, RF2 RF2, Reply Ativa, Reply Plus V3 RF2, Reply Ativa, Reply Plus V3 any device with internet connection including smart phones, tablets, laptop and computers it matters if your keypads are compatible with the software
If need Internet or LAN
No No No No No Yes You may have internet connection limitation at the event venue.?
Recommended events
small or medium events medium and large events Election, Shareholders meeting Small and special events such as Focus Group, Market research, Music testing ?Mock jury Small events such as self paced survey, market research Choosing the suitable software will guarantee your event will run perfectly.
Single answer and Multiple answer questions voting
Yes Yes Yes(with Election question type, Yes/No/Abstain) yes yes Yes the question type will limit you what questions you can ask your audience to vote.
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes it matters if you need to let the audience text in messages.
Team competition
Yes No No No No No Team competition will show the competition for individual and teams.
Count down timer
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes It matters if you want to use a Count down clock to control your voting process.
Yes Yes Yes No No No the images will provide more options when you present questions to the audience.
Audio and Video
Yes No No No No No if you need to use audio or vidoe during the voting, please choose PowerCom for PPT add in.

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