PowerCom SMS Audience Response System Feature


You're running a meeting with a hundred people. At the conclusion of your presentation, you want to know the opinions of the people who've listened in. You want group response. However, having each and every one of them get up and tell you what they thought would be such a waste of time. How do you get your opinions from the audience? How do you take their feedback? How can you enable live audience polling, making your meeting an interactive meeting? With an SMS Poll/SMS Voting System, you can do this! But how can you do a

text message voting


With PowerCom SMS Response System

With the help of PowerCom SMS Audience Response System, text messaging has become your company's best presentation tool. SMS, or short message service, is a quick 140 character message which can be written quickly and efficiently on any cell phone, often with the use of T9 predictive technology.

The Powercom Audience Response RF2 and Ativa keypads have alpha-numeric cellphone style wireless voting keypads to maintain the familiarity that people have with texting and with PowerCom Audience Response SMS, text message polling is made easy. With PowerPoint presentation software, texting to the presenter is made easy, allowing the audience to send a short message to the presenter in a meeting.

So what exactly can the presenter do with Powercom's SMS featue. The audience uses text messaging to submit to the presenter. From these, the presenter can choose to:

1. Display one or more messages to the audience for viewing and discussion
2. Reply to various SMS questions
3. Convert text messages from the live audience to become another polling question
4. Select several SMS as answer choices for a for the audience to vote


Thanks to the Powercom RF2 and Ativa keypad models texting is a piece of cake.

With the number keys and text key entry designed to be like that of a regular cellular phone, using it is as easy as texting on a cellular phone.

For the presenter, simply turn on PowerCom

SMS Audience Response System

when you want input from the audience or are opening up the presentation to discussion and Q&A. When you wish to just focus on the presentation, simply turn it off. For the best presentation possible, use the SMS feature of our

wireless voting systems

. For the most powerful information collection tool.

For the best presentation possible, use the SMS feature of our wireless voting systems. For the most powerful information collection tool.

A good example on SMS

The audience texted their favorite stocks symbol to the presenter.

PowerCom Reply Plus Version 3 Audience texted

So what's the next step?