PowerCom Single Digit ARS software support 2 keypad models: Reply Worldwide and Reply Mini

Worldwide mini keypad voting

Want a quick and easy way to know how people feel about your products or services?

We provide you the best

audience polling tool/audience polling system

. Gather audience feedback, compile the data in real time, and automatically generate charts and reports containing the opinions of thousands – in seconds – using PowerCom and Reply Worldwide.


Need a single digit solution for fast and accurate audience polling results?

Get more accurate and powerful market research results! Audience members press a single button and PowerCom and ReplyWorldwide captures all opinions and feelings – in real-time.

PowerCom provides a powerful audience polling solutions.

PowerCom Standard Presentation
With PowerCom, a projector, and wireless Reply keypads you’ll be ready to survey up to 3,750 people – and see immediate results (in real time)!
With over 1 Million keypads sold, Reply Systems is the indisputable leader of ARS technology!

Remember! With PowerCom and ReplyWorldwide you can mix any combination of 5 Reply models:

Reply Mini keypad Base

Reply Mini Model CRS5000 is a miniaturized version of the popular Reply (Worldwide) audience response keypad that is being used extensively in ‘group response’, or ‘interactive voting’ sessions and presentations. The CRS5000 wireless audience response keypads and a CRS940 or CRS941 base station comprise a versatile two-way interactive voting system that includes these features.

Reply Worldwide Mini Base

Reply Worldwide is the most popular model sold today. With a powerful 2.4 GHz RF transceiver this model offers a long range with very little interference. Its base station has 15 channels, which handles up to 250

audience response keypads

each. Keypads come in a sleek, user-friendly calculator style, making this powerful RF device an effective choice for most companies.


Standard, EU & EZ are all discontinued models, factory service still available (subject to availability of parts).

Seriously … Audience Response is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3!

Reply Mini Bundle

  • Reply Mini 30 Keypads
  • Reply Mini 60 Keypads
  • Reply Mini 90 Keypads

Reply Worldwide 30 keypads package

  • Reply WW 30 Keypads
  • Reply WW 50 Keypads
  • Reply WW 100 Keypads

We have a variety of Bundled Packages to choose from. We’ll take a look at your needs, and put together a package that’s customized for you.

These Entry Level Starter Packs include:

  • Reply Mini or Reply Worldwide Keypads
  • 1 USB Base Station
  • 1 Carry Bag
  • Optional Lanyard
  • Latest PowerCom Software Version
  • PowerCom Software License
  • 1 Year of FREE Software Update
  • 1 Year of Gold Level Tech Support

1-212-997-2000 FOR PRICING!

Thank you for your interest in PowerCom!
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