PowerCom Shareholders Meeting Solution

Shareholder and member meetings can be a time consuming, complex regulatory requirement.  However, by engaging the right technology provider, they can be less of a burden to those in charge.

Shareholder meetings need perfect execution. With a variety of voting platforms and also the choice of knowledgeable on-site technicians, PowerCom can develop a solution that’s right for your event.  Furthermore,  PowerCom supports customize vote rules for shareowner meetings upon the company laws in numerous countries.

Simplify your next shareholders meeting by integrating audience response keypads with the powerful PowerCom software and set up the voting based on the rules and bylaws of your organization. Let your stockholders vote on amendments, proposals and other corporate matters for or against in a quick efficient manner. A shareholders meeting is an important event that can shape how the company moves forward in the future.

Powercom shareholder meeting solution provides:

  1. Quick and easy participants Registration
    • At the welcome station members just need to show identification forms that will be scanned and members will be given keypads with the serial IDs
    • This data will be incorporated as the roster list for voting which is synced to the Powercom software.
  2. Guaranteed secure and efficient voting based on rules
    • Shareholders vote via the keypad they have been handed out by pressing the keys when they are told to vote for, against or abstain.
    • Each shareholder’s voting weight can be set up and the number of votes will be automatically computed according to the shares
    • Split the voting weight among motions or proposals
    • Powercom software is capable to handle proxy voting wherein the absent shareholder can allow another shareholder to vote on their behalf.
    • Vote for multiple candidates at a timeand revote when needed
    • After polling, results of how participants voted on the resolutions can be instantly displayed for viewing.
  3. Generate and review reports automatically
    • Reports on how the shareholders voted and other details as well as participants list can be generated automatically in different formats such as Excel and Word.

Recommended keypads:

PowerCom PC3

PowerCom RF1

PowerCom RF2