Powercom Self-paced Polling Solution

Get an engaging, effective tool to use in classes, seminars, trainings and workshops with Powercom’s self paced solution. Want to do a quick quiz in the class? Feel really time consuming to grade the after class assignment? PowerCom Self paces solution can help you. This solution meets the different criteria that are required for a self-paced polling such as privacy and security that needs to be at the top level, capability for offline and online polling even without getting connected to a base station and the instant collation of the respondent’s answers to the questions with a branching logic.


  • Lecturers or facilitators can set up the time limit by utilizing the timer for the tests.
  • Branching logic- The next question users answer can be based on the answer previously submitted.
  • Answers can be transmitted to the Powercom base station to get the live poll results.
  • Create a dynamic atmosphere among the attendees or students so they can submit their answers or opinions openly
  • Teachers can conduct an offline self paced test to gauge how much the students have learned.
  • Provides a secure and private configuration perfect for corporate and classroom settings.
  • Results can be displayed instantaneously and create reports in various formats after the polling.

 PowerCom’s self-paced polling Applications:

  • Surveys
  • To test participants of a workshop, trainings or seminars
  • Private business or corporate meetings
  • Class exams or quizzes
  • After class assignments
  • Events that require opinions and feedback to be collected

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