PowerCom RF2 – Texting Message Feature

PowerCom RF2 is proud to present another remarkable feature, which is its texting message features. Below are details of this remarkable feature.
Functions. The keypad is made from highly developed software with a unique and comprehensive design. The keypad contains 19 keys coated well with enamel coating, which consists of numbers from 0-9 and other keys. The keypad also is loaded with functions and features for ease and convenience such as simple voting choices, 3 line message displays on screen, backlight, 12 characters per line and dependable status icons to check for the battery meter, login status and response type.
Wireless keypad. This keypad has the collaborative spread spectrum radio employing system. It even brings users the advantage on utilizing frequency hopping and signal security to safeguard the user from any presence of wireless devices. With the use of its base station, it can now be a device for trainings, workshop,teleconferencing and other functions.
Input Choices. Multi-functional keypad, which allows user to extend its usage for multi-alphanumeric questions for more flexible and greater number of choices for the user’s answers. It even presents 6 easy to use answer types such as single alpha, range, single digit, free and priority types of answer inputs.
Superior Security through FHSS transmission. Transmission interferences of any forms can’t just interrupt the transmission without the knowledge on the systems pseudorandom sequence. It also encompasses very nominal Wi-Fi avoidance feature and RF transmission interferences. FSHH transmission can share a band with numerous types of usual transmissions with minimal interferences. It even works great in narrowband interferences.

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