PowerCom RF2 – Self-Paced Testing Feature

Self-paced testing or self-paced mode enables users to answer questions at their own speed. No need to worry whether there are other participants or audiences, any user can proceed or stay on the question at their own convenience. Users will be guided on how the system works and will be able to utilize its two most advanced options. The first option requires connection to the base station upon usage (online self-paced mode) while the others require one time connection to set contacts to self paced mode for offline operations (offline self-paced mode). These two options can be operated together and the data extracted from both online and offline are kept distinct.

Online Self-Paced Mode

To initiate online self-paced mode, the keypad requires connection and stays in range with the base station. There are already existing lists of questions, which will be added with two new questions for self-paced alphanumeric and self-paced numeric. Once the user selected a question type, a user must then decide on the number of presented questions. Putting the number of questions is done on the question number field found at the beginning of the question method. The system is able to work on up to 250 single digit questions.

PowerCom RF2 Keypad

If in case the user failed to enter a number, numeric setting can be used. In the alphanumeric mode, users can use either letters or numbers. As a question is initiated the keypad is switched to a self-paced mode and gives the user the opportunity to navigate and answer the questions. In chances wherein the user has not yet deleted the answer, the data may still be present in the keypad. If the data is still on the keypad, the system can let the keypad enter into the self paced mode at the user’s convenience and let the user proceed with retrieving the data. Keep in mind, the keypad send out each of the self-paced vote according to the question’s number.

Offline Self-Paced Mode

To make use of this option, the keypad must meet the range requirement of the base station. The keypad connects to a session by means of the dynamic addressing mode. Once the connection is set, the software will initiate a command to the keypad to get hold of operation details for offline mode. Aside from the mode enabled feature, question types, number of questions (up to 250) and selection to clear the data is also included in the packet. It has the same question type as that of the online self-paced mode. Once the setting is set and received by the keypad, the setting already exists in the keypad. The session name and current base ID is also stored in the keypad, which the user may check later. After the system is set the keypad can be powered down either through the software or locally. The user also has an option to base search key and corroborate another search to power down the keypad. Completing the search, the system will now present an option called “offline” User will press either the center key or enter to commence this mode.

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