1. Cell phone style texting. PowerCom RF2 Cell Phone style texting
  • It works impressively on the display of reply texting feedback from audiences or used the audience texting to outline a question title or an answer choice for voting. PowerCom RF2 can export email audience texting.


2. PowerCom RF2 self-paced testing


3. Offline mode PowerCom RF2 Offline Mode
  • which allows audiences to obtain test on audience’s speed and stores the answers on keypad’s memory to be recovered after the testing is finished. No need of base station during the testing.


4. Real time mode
  • Which allows the keypad to connect to the base station during the test and send audience’s answer to PowerCom application real time. The voting result can be displayed by individual, answer choice or by question.
5. Moment to Moment PowerCom RF2 Moment to Moment
  • Moment to Moment feature, which is a stand-alone desktop function able to capture audience’s emotion – moment by moment.
6. Live auction PowerCom RF Live Auction
  • PowerCom RF2 enables speedy auction processing. It secures fast, dependable and improved privacy for bidders. PowerCom RF2 collects real time bidding results to its central repository, it can demonstrate the lists of highest bids to entice, thrill and encourage bidding competition and the formal bidding results are seen in an Excel file for every auctioned items and end of the bidding event.
7. Field Survey PowerCom Ativa Field survey
  • PowerCom RF2 is also driven to make impressive outcomes to field surveys like market research, quantitative research, consumer satisfaction surveys, consumer opinions and public opinion surveys.
8. Election PowerCom RF2 Election
  • Approval of motion and resolution, shareholder meeting and election of President and other officers can be organized with the use of PowerCom RF2.

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