PowerCom’s Reply Ativa means functionality and ease at its best

This 3.2-inch Colored Touch Screen Advanced Keypad represents the latest innovation when it comes to interactive audience response systems



Experience high-quality performance with Reply Ativa. Packed with a wide array of input options including Multi-Digit, Multi-Character, QWERTY, and SMS Text capabilities, Prioritization, Multiple Choice, Election, Moment-to-Moment and more!

2 Ativa Keypads

Why Choose REPLY Ativa?

PowerCom’s Reply Ativa boasts of the following highlights:


Base stations

  • Superior base station coverage of 650 ft x 650 ft.
  • POE Ethernet port allows up to 30 remote site voting.
  • Configurable settings: Session name, Avoid Wi-Fi
  • Patented FHSS RF technology assures that there will be no data collision and maintains 200 votes per second

PowerCom Ativa provides many configurable settings for Base station and keypad.



Built-in smart card reader:

  • Secure log-in with optional password protection.
  • Chip card stores the voting data and audits log.
  • Off-line self-paced testing which stores results on chip card.
  • Self-paced testing which sends testing results to the base in real time mode.
  • Store shareholders’ names and shares it on the chip card for proxy voting.
  • Privacy settings are perfect for silent auctions.
  • Allows user-sharing.
  • Advanced Response Inputs: Multi-Digit, Multiple Selection, Multi-Character



Full color 3.2 inch QVGA backlighted LCD touch-screen displays:

  • QWERTY keyboard for easy SMS texting.
  • Advanced Response Inputs: Multi-Digit, Multiple Selection, Multi-Character, Texting (140 character short messaging), priority, slider Moment-to-Moment (configurable scales).2-5 Ativa Keypads - smart student response system
  • Instantly displays polling results after each question. 
  • Displays up to 6 customizable splash screens and display poll results instantly after each question!
  • Battery life is 16 hours of typical usage
  • Made in USA

Case Study:


Shareholder meeting for a famous law firm based in the East coast

How many participants:

150 Shareholders

Voting Keypads


Reply Ativa

Voting Software


PowerCom PPT add in

Question type

Single choice and election

Single This is a one day event for a law firm based in the east coast. They have 3 questions for all the shareholders present. The first question was to choose 4 members for their committee out of 10 candidates. The rule is anyone who gets more than 75 votes will be elected or anyone who receives 50% of shareholders’ votes will be elected. After the first round only 1 candidate got elected, the technician removed that person from the software and continued on with the voting by pressing the shortcut key E to continue with the rest of the 9 candidates. The remaining 9 candidates were voted again until all 4 members were elected based on the rule.

The second question the organizers wanted to ask was how many members they want to have in their committee for next year it can be 5 or 6. This was a single choice selection and the choice with the most number of votes won. The third question was an election question for the presidential position. There were 3 candidates and only one would win. The minimum vote to qualify as president is 75 votes. The candidate who got the highest vote was elected.

After the event reports were generated for the organizers’ further review. The audience also liked the use of the

response clickers

as it showed the company logo as background. They also like it because it is touch screen and for the single digit question they were able to see the voting results on the keypads itself.



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