Jeopardy Game Show Panel

Are you one of the presenters who have a difficult time captivating an audience’s attention while still maintaining a learning atmosphere? – Why not try an interactive Jeopardy game show. It is a guaranteed way to change any ordinary training, seminar or a corporate team building into a challenging yet fun event. The Jeopardy game has been one of the longest running game shows on television, and most people if not everybody knows it. It is a familiar game to many people that provides challenge and gives the viewers a fun way of learning.

PowerCom Jeopardy Interactive Game Show is an add-in application in PowerPoint found in PowerCom RF1, PowerCom RF2, Reply Ativa, Reply Plus and Reply Mini Plus keypads. You simply switch to the PowerCom Jeopardy PowerPoint template slide to begin the game.
How to start the game? First, you set up the slides with the voting questions by using the PowerCom’s Game show program. Then incorporate the Jeopardy Powerpoint template to your training presentation material. Then set up the categories and the questions. You may have six categories with five questions, so you would have 30 questions in all. Each question should have a point or a dollar value. The easy questions can have low points and the difficult ones can have higher values.
Let the fun begin! The presenter or instructor begins the game by choosing which category and point value to play first. The team captain may choose his own too. For teaching and training purposes, the presenter may want to control which category to play first to follow a certain curriculum. Manually assigning teams for a very big group is time consuming. PowerCom has a feature that allows you to dynamically create teams by having a demographic question as the first voting question. Assigning a demographic question could allow you to split the participants into teams according to demographics, either by gender, region or department.
Displaying the winners is very easy with PowerCom Jeopardy Interactive game show, at any point during the slide show; you may be able to display the team or individual rankings, by pressing the short cut key, “w” (which stand for winners). It will show the top scores, quickest player to answer by the fastest finger, and the team cumulative scores. The application also lets you automatically calculate the teams’ average score by taking the total score then divide it by the number of the members of the team.
Adding an Interactive PowerCom Jeopardy Game Show will surely win the hearts of audiences for your next presentations in the classroom, training, product launch, business meeting and corporate team building. To get you started, you may want to request a sample of the PowerCom Jeopardy PowerPoint template or a PowerCom Jeopardy! PowerPoint Game Show live demo.


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