PowerCom Moment to Moment Marketing Research

Before a new product is launched or a new ad is aired marketing companies          need to do researches about how the target customers are thinking about the new product or the new ad. Usually a bunch of questionnaires will be done to get the quantitative result. PowerCom’s Moment to Moment Marketing Research provides the perfect tool for any quantitative analysis. Compared with the conventional paper questionnaires, PowerCom Moment to Moment Marketing Research is more time efficient and convenient.

We will help free you up from the mountains of paper questionnaires.

All questions will be digitalized. The focus group will answer the questions from keypads. All the votes will be collected and processed in real time.

We will not stop by just providing you the raw data.

Our online data center will collect these data for further analysis. Your clients can review the data in real time from their computers, or tablets. There is no need to keep your clients waiting. Since the clients will get the data immediately, they will have the chance to revise the questions on the spot for a better quantitative analysis.

Pictures can sometimes speak louder than data.

PowerCom Moment to Moment Marketing Research will make your focus group study much easier and more fun. A couple of days work load will be cut down into a mere few hours. Why not give us a try now? We are providing the free demo kit for a one week trial. No strings attached. You will find PowerCom Moment to Moment Marketing Research will really transform your research into something different but much improved.

Suggested keypads:

PowerCom RF2

a LCD display keypad using two AA batteries. Capable of sending and receiving text messages.


A colored touchscreen keypad with the QWERTY keyboard. Capable of text sending and receiving. Online/offline self paced polling.

PowerClick—an online voting application for mobile devices PowerClick is a web-based voting application with two polling methods–self-paced and live feedback. You can use your laptops, smart phones even the desktop to submit your votes as long as it is connected to Internet.