According to experts eighty five percent of court cases are either won or lost during the jury selection phase. It is highly critical for jury consultants to gauge which jurors will help or hurt a case. It is also beneficial to know which jurors can be easily persuaded and which jurors can easily change their minds and which type of jurors are not open to changing their minds to provide data for analysis that will help win the case. Powercom’s Mock Jury solution can help you win your next legal case.

Benefits of Powercom Mock Jury Solution:

  1. Identify juror profile by demographic and verdict tendency at different stages.
    • Identify juror’s profile so as to avoid who tends to hurt the case.
    • Identify juror’s profile that may favor and help the case.
    • Simulate anonymous voting or juror profiling
  2. Improve defense lawyer presentation
    • Assist in identifying areas that will impact the juror
    • Assess plaintiff and defendant deliberations, opening statements, closing statements moment by moment
  3. Identify the critical spots that influence the juror
    • Match juror profile with picture of juror to the decisions they make moment by moment
    • Help you identify the Dos and Don’ts
  4. Helps identify targeted jury for focus group discussion and split the targeted jury in groups by demographic profile
    • Paperless real time litigation simulation
  5. Preload questions or make them on the fly
    • Provides feedback from jurors moment to moment on a half second by half a second basis
    • Using a wireless keypad or clicker that has a sliding bar from 1 to 100.
  6. Powerful Moment to Moment software that can be customized for your requirements
    • Histogram – configurable line colors, thickness and time scale
    • Line Charts with video overlay to measure voters’ responses individually or by groups for jury deliberations
    • Quick voting speed can count up to 200 votes per second
  7. Generate reports such as: video playback, CSV, Excel, curve reports and more
  8. Voting results can be hosted on a website with real time updates

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