PowerCom for Ativa: Short Messaging Service

PowerCom for Ativa: Short Messaging Service

PowerCom Ativa’s Short Messaging Service has fused the instant accuracy of short messaging with Ativa’s audience response technology. With the use of Reply Ativa’s short messaging service, audience can more clearly express their specific and individual opinions to the presenter with just a few strokes of their fingertips. Presenters in return can gather more accurate and organic data from their audience by using this feature.

Reply Ativa’s soft QWERTY Keyboard, makes voting and sending short messages easier and more convenient. Reply Ativa’s SMS feature is almost the same as Reply Plus SMS texting feature, but Reply Ativa’s soft QWERTY keypad is easier and faster to use. Apart from this, Reply Ativa’s short messaging service offers many features that can make your presentation and data-gathering more unique, accurate, and efficient. With Reply Ativa’s SMS:

PowerCom Ativa Keypad
  • The audience can send individual questions to the presenter, and the presenter can directly reply to these questions.
  • The presenter can display one or more of these direct messages or questions and discuss it with the whole audience, for a more general approach to questions and concerns.
  • The presenter can also convert these individual questions into additional polling questions that can be answered by all the participants. This can be a good way to gauge the audience’s response towards the different opinions of their co-participants.
  • Participants can give direct and specific answers by texting their answers to the presenter even if their answer is not included in the choices given by the presenter. The presenter, on the other hand, can use these new answers as additional choices for the audience to choose from.
  • Since the SMS feature allows participants to create a message with a maximum length of 140 characters, the audience can voice out their thoughts and opinions to the presenter by simply texting the core idea of their opinions.
  • Thru Reply Ativa’s SMS feature, the presenter can gather their audience’s preferences or choice, then turn them into a set of choices to choose from. The presenter can then narrow down his or her list to the most voted choices, resulting to more accurate information, since it came directly from the audience’s own preferences.

PowerCom for Ativa: Short Messaging Service Screen

Reply Ativa’s SMS feature gives a new twist on the conventional way of gathering information. Instead of just asking a batch of questions, Reply Ativa’s SMS feature allows the audience to voice out their thoughts, make their own choices, and to participate more directly into the presentation and discussion. It is a more efficient and flexible way of gathering the most accurate and purest information from any type of audience.