PowerCom Field Survey

Field surveys are typically done by having respondents fill out the questions then another staff member will key in all those responses into a computer. This manual process can be tedious, lengthy and prone to errors. The finalization of reports with the statistical results may take days to finish.

Powercom’s field survey solution utilizes the colored touch technology of the Reply Ativa, a lightweight keypad that works with the PowerCom software. The Ativa is a wireless audience response keypad used to collect real time survey data from a sample of individuals. Then as respondents finish the survey, it immediately transmits survey results to the central data repository then to the PowerCom program, then reports are generated instantly for a more in depth analysis.


  • Public opinion surveys
  • Marketing research
  • Consumer opinions & customer satisfaction surveys
  • Quantitative research

Why Choose Powercom Field Survey and Ativa Keypad:

  1. Paperless Solution
    • Totally eliminate the use of paper and avoid mistakes commonly made in data entry operation
  2. Efficient Program
    • A quick and efficient way to collect real time information from a large number of respondents
    • Survey questions can be dynamic with branching feature and easy to modify.
    • Questions can be fine tuned on the spot based on the answers and the text messages you received, coupled with personal interviews to gather more honest responses.
  3. Respondents answer securely and engagingly
    • Optional incentive based survey boost high response rate
    • Survey result data are stored as XML files
    • Respondents answer with the Ativa keypad operating on a 2.4 GHz (FHSS) technology.
  4. Generate reports in various formats for further analysis and review
    • Controlling or handling the survey data and reporting can be automated and easily exported into Excel and other programs.
    • PowerCom Ativa Field survey provides utility to merge survey result sets
    • Real time results to provide statistical data to the management and the general public.

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