Powercom’s election solution had been used by our customers for their elections or meetings in several locations across the world. We know that an election is an important event in any organization, and can be a huge and daunting task whether it’s a 20 participant meeting or an election with thousands of voters.

Powercom simplifies this by providing the Powercom Election solution. You are guaranteed to have easy, efficient and reliable election. What takes hours to finish can be reduced to a couple of hours while maintaining the accurate method of capturing and tracking votes.

Powercom’s student response systems can be used for:

  1. Shareholders Meeting/AGM
  2. General Election
  3. Annual and Periodical Meeting
  4. Council Meeting
  5. Town Hall Meeting

Powercom Election Features

  1. Assign Voting weight for each shareholder – Attendees can be assigned their own voting weight based on their shares
  2. Online registration –Members can easily register at the welcome station and be distributed with handheld voting keypads after scanning identification.
  3. Pass or Fail or Yes/No/Abstain – Voters can vote securely on various motions or proposals
  4. Multi-round voting – The candidates will go through a series of voting rounds automatically. The winner candidate with the most votes will be declared in the final round.
  5. Proxy Voting – Voters can have another member vote on their behalf
  6. Split voting – Split or divide the voting weight among various motions or proposals
  7. Seating map – A customized feature available for Ativa keypad. The map gets marked with the keypad IDs for whoever answered yes/no/abstain or any 2-3 answer choices.
  8. Roll call – Track members or participants who have logged in the meeting.
  9. Easy check out process. Just one scan will check out the attendees.  The attendee list/the roster list will be updated real time after the check out to make sure only qualified attendees are entitled to vote.

Recommended keypads:

PowerCom PC3

PowerCom RF1

PowerCom RF2