PowerCom Audience Response System Live Auction

Ativa Live Auction Screen

  • It’s Paperless
  • It’s Fast
  • It’s Exciting
  • & It’s PowerCom!


PowerCom has now tapped the undefined and wide market of conducting “bids & auctions“. Whether you are a Non-Government organization (NGO), religious organization, an educational institution, service clubs or even a corporate entity, if you want to organize and conduct AUCTIONS – we have just what can make it a hassle-free experience resulting in a successful fund raising event!

PowerCom Audience Response Auction is designed to replace the long and manual process of conducting auctions/bids by introducing a touch technology that can collect, organize, update and award bids through our multi-functional colored touch screen audience response Ativa Keypad combined with the PowerCom ARS Auction software.

With different auction requirements, PowerCom Auction provides you with 2 tailor-fit solutions – The English Auction and The Silent Auction.

Ativa Live Auction Type

The English Audience Response Auction (single item at a time)


How easy, how simple!

  1. Displays photo and information of the bidding item on PowerPoint screen. Bidders’ Identity can be disclosed or anonymous depending on their preference! Yes, this is possible; PowerCom ARS Live Auction can withhold your identity from your fellow bidders while your identity remains seen by the organizer for bid tracking.
  2. Shows current highest bid amount and the bidder name(optional) on screen to prompt excitement and boost fund raising in a bidding contest.
  3. Undisrupted and continuous bidding at the comfort of your seats! No more hand raising, no more standing ovation, no more shouting— everything organized and everyone comfortably seated!
  4. Ativa Response Ativa Keypad is sharable by participants; participants only need to carry his/her own smart card…
  5. Out-bid notification to every dedicated Ativa keypad screen.
  6. Displays final bid amount and bidder on screen and winner’s keypad screen. With your Ativa Keypad, your location is always strategic to view the winning bid.
  7. Generates Excel report showing winners by item and total amount.

The Silent ARS Auction (multi-item auction) bid format

Easy and Simple!

Ativa Live Auction
  1. PowerCom displays item list with current highest bid amount and optional winner’s name on display screen. It’s Paperless and easy to manage and significantly reduce the administrative manpower needed during the bidding event.
  2. Speeds up processing, streamlines the bidding procedure and simplifies the bidding process.
  3. Displays the highest bid amount and bidder name (optional) on projector screen intended to generate instant excitement and boost fund raising and the bidding contest.
  4. Ativa keypad is sharable by participants; participants only need to carry his/her own smart card.
You will surely have a successful FUND RAISING EVENT with all these hassle-free and organized auction/bidding process. Contact us now at 212-997-2000 for a free online demo or a quick quote.


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