PowerCom for Ativa Self-Pace testing Overview

PowerCom for Ativa Self-Paced testing Overview

To allow the audience to conduct polling according to his/her own pace while PowerCom captures and displays the polling results in real time mode. The voting results will also be saved on smart card as an audit log.

Sample PowerCom for Ativa Self-paced testing applications:

1. Pre-show question (warm-up questions, background screening, etc.)
2. Post-show question (follow up question, survey questions, etc.)
3. Self-Pace testing

Keypad model:  Reply Ativa WRS8200 Base station: WRS971-A

Smart Card:
       Ominikey 3121 Card Reader and one smart card for each audience

Office version:    Office 2007 and up


For each audience member:

1. Press the white button on the left side of Ativa to power on the keypad.
2. Highlight the base station that you want to connect and click “Connect” button. Note: Please don’t choose "Offline Card Access."
3. Use the arrows to navigate the questions and enter the answers.

Note: The audience can review and change the answer choice within the time limit.

On the PowerCom computer:

Presenter can monitor and control the polling result in real time mode by starting the self-paced voting dashboard to display 3 types of view: Summary Graph, Keypad Detail, and Question detail.

1. This self-paced testing can be operated during slide show and at PowerPoint slide design mode.
2. Start/stop self-pace result voting.
3. Display cumulative voting result in real time, update all result graphs as the data come in.
4. Store the result in XML & CSV so presenter can export the data at the end and display results anytime during presentation.
5. Display the polling results to audience.

I. Summary Graph tab: PowerCom displays result graphic (just like PowerCom question polling result graphic) question by question:

Keypad Detail Tab: PowerCom displays results by keypad similar to PowerCom, short cut key L for Polling DetaiL screen.


II. Keypad Detail Tab: PowerCom displays results by keypad similar to PowerCom short cut key L Polling DetaiL screen.


III. Question Detail Tab: PowerCom displays results by question similar to PowerCom short cut key L Polling DetaiL screen.


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