PowerCom Audience Response Ativa Field Survey

Traditional field survey uses paper form to fill survey questions that will be keyed into the computer by a data entry personnel. The process is lengthy and prone to errors, and the statistical result report may take days to be completed.

The PowerCom Ativa field survey utilizes Reply Ativa light weight colored touch screen keypad. The Ativa is a

wireless audience response keypad

used to conduct field survey and collect real time survey data from a sample of individuals. It also immediately transmits survey results to the central data repository by a secured 2.4 GHz radio frequency to the PowerCom program.


Totally eliminate the use of paper and mistakes on data entry operation. The PowerCom ARS Ativa Keypad Field survey data is collected in real time mode as individuals finish the survey. PowerCom Ativa Field Survey is an efficient way of collecting information from a large number of respondents. PowerCom Ativa Field survey provides utility to merge survey result sets.


PowerCom Ativa Field Survey




  1. Public opinion surveys
  2. Marketing research
  3. Consumer opinions & customer satisfaction surveys
  4. Quantitative research


Reply Ativa Business benefits:


  • Real time survey result collection with no data entry typing error.
  • Survey questions can be dynamic with branching feature and easy to modify. The questions can be fine tuned on the spot based on the answers and the text messages you receive.
  • With personal interview to increase honesty of responses.
  • Survey result data stores as XML file, survey data manipulation and
    reporting can be automated and easily exported into Excel and other systems.
  • Optional incentive based survey boost high response rate.
  • socially more acceptable with interviewer conducting the survey.
  • Real time results to provide statistical data to the management and the general public.

Would you like to switch from your traditional paper survey to PowerCom real time field survey to drastically improve the process and obtain the results instantly?

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