PowerCloud Online data hosting and processing

Timing is crucial for Audience Response Events. Real time authentic data is always the target that audience response system works for. With the same data, it makes a difference when it is provided on the spot immediately or when it is provided afterwards. If your clients could see the real time data on the spot, it would give them the chance to adjust the questions that will be used later. It will help the clients to get more accurate and authentic information.

You designed your questions, you planned the procedures…  but you have to wait until the end of the event, and only then will you be able to provide the data to your clients.  That waiting time will make your work compromised. Is there any way for your clients to see the real time feedback during the event? Is there any way that not just the raw data but some deeply processed quantitative information can be presented?

The answer is PowerCloud—the online data hosting and processing service.

What is PowerCloud?

PowerCloud is the online data hosting and processing application. It will help to collect the voting data from another PowerCom voting software, such as PowerCom Moment to Moment Marketing Research, then present the data on the web page. The authorized users can log in and review the voting data in real time when the voting is going on.

What advantages does PowerCloud provide?

  • Secure and fast data sharing system. Only authorized users have access to the data.
  • Real time data review by your clients. No delay, no hassle.
  • Furthers the data processing. Not just limited by the preliminary data.
  • Presentable in multiple devices: desktops, laptops, tablets or even smart phones.
  • Open to the clients’ customization requests. Any special requirements from your clients can be provided and presented on PowerCloud.
  • Time efficient and environment-friendly. Data sharing is electronic. No paper waste.