Wireless keypads have been used in thousands of events proving its functionality by providing concrete and solid data review and analysis as well as results displayed in real time without getting interference from zones congested with Wi-Fi. This facilitates interaction with the audience during speaking engagements and presentations. However because of today’s technology with wireless connectivity via the Internet being widely used and with the age of smartphones, tablets and laptops, more users now want to know the best way to have remote participation in an event via a web cast. Others don’t want to buy additional gadgets or devices than they already have.

The answer to this is – PowerClick.

PowerClick is the application which can be likened to an online survey which the administrators can download on any device such as laptops, smartphones and tablets by using the Internet. The admin can create the survey and design how each question would look like. The survey participants can just join in by clicking on the link via a browser. The votes or responses on the question will be gathered and displayed instantaneously to the back server of PowerClick. The administrator can choose to share the voting results during the slideshow on the projector screen then export the data to Powerpoint, Word or Excel reports.



  • Functionality is more powerful than a dedicated keypad
  • Increasing the retention and focus of the students
  • To have an increased attendance during lectures or classes
  • Allows for a much improved flow of communication between presenters, teachers and students
  • Easy to install and use
  • No site or boundary restriction, vote on site and off site with Internet connection
  • Has more features than the traditional keypad
  • Customization: creating projects that cater to the needs of your event.
  • Real time voting or polling (data display speed will depend on Internet connection in the area).
  • Browse the voting data anytime to review or analyze it. In the education setting, lessons and grades can be seen any time for review.


PowerClick Surveys:

  • Self-paced Survey
  • Live Feedback Survey

Self-paced Survey: Participants can join the survey and finish the questions at their own pace and submit the votes after they finished all the survey questions. They can answer the questions offline and then after finishing submit their answers or votes with Internet later.  The graphic voting result will show up real time on the administrator’s side. When more votes or responses have been received, the graphic voting result will be updated to indicate the latest voting result.

Self-paced Survey is good for any event that doesn’t require the participants to be all in one location or room and vote together.  It can be used for online research, the trade show, the focus group, homework given by teachers etc.

Live Feedback Survey: The administrator will host the survey by deciding which question will be voted. There is a presenter who will facilitate the voting.  The audience or participants vote on the questions together. It is the opposite of the self paced survey. All participants will vote the same question at the same time.  After the voting, the votes will be sent to the back server in real time and the voting result will be displayed immediately.

Live Feedback Survey is good for the events where everyone is in one location or one hall and vote together. It can be used for conferences, seminars, the trainings, the meetings etc.

Recommended Events:

  • Seminars
  • Business meetings
  • Internal meetings
  • Conferences
  • Classes
  • Trainings
  • Elections
  • Online research
  • Self paced surveys
  • Tradeshows
  • Focus groups
  • Marketing research
  • Advertisement testing
  • Other events with polling or voting