We provide a full Mock Juror Litigation Simulation service with A/V equipment and audience response colored touch screen keypad.

Business benefits: Help you to win your legal case!

1.Identify juror profile by demographic and verdict tendency at different stages.

a. Identify those jurors’ profile to avoid those who tend to hurt your case that best helps in voir dire. Voir Dire is the questioning process to the prospective jurors by the judge, the parties, or the attorneys.

b. Identify jurors’ profile that may favor and help the case, and strike them when necessary by per-emptory challenges. Per emptory challenges are rights of lawyers to strike a juror because of the bias that they may have except for reasons of gender and race.

2. Improve defense lawyer presentation.

3. Identify the critical spots that influence the juror.

4. Help you identify the do’s and don’ts.

We help you capture the juror emotional feedback to improve your Presentation!

Moment to Moment 3 Screen



Reply Ativa Vertical Screen

1.Jury questionnaire with session break.

  1. Allow the administrator to create session to control the questionnaire voting.
  2. Allow the administrator to modify questionnaire during voting event, to move, hide, copy/paste the questionnaire, and edit the contents.
  3. Questionnaire display on the projector screen and on the hand held device of the jurors.
  4. Display absentee list to jurors.
  5. Voting result graphic display to back-room lawyers while the jurors are voting on the questionnaire without seeing the results.
  6. Mark verdict questions to be used as line chart basis for Plaintiffs & Defense.

Moment to Moment Main Screen

2.Moment to moment line chart by Plaintiffs & Defense.

  1. Configurable line color and thickness.
  2. Configurable time scale by second.
  3. Remove a keypad during the moment to moment voting.
  4. Use touch keypad with slider to either slide or jump to the right scale.
  5. Remove in-active keypads from the line chart calculation.
  6. Show histograms by scales.


Reply Ativa Horizontal Screen

3.Local intranet Web questionnaire result browse.

  1. Web base application allows user to browse questionnaire voting results via local area network/WiFi.
  2. Drill down to see keypad list by answer choices.

4.Juror profiling

  1. Include the juror photo and the demographic data.

M2M Video

M2M screen

5.Real time show juror m2m activities with video overlay

  1. Show line charts by plaintiffs, defense, and average with keypad count.
  2. Display keypad’s activities with juror photo.
  3. Display keypad list by scale.

6.Juror split group for deliberation.

  1. Automatically split juror by selecting demographic questions. System split juror by selection criteria.

7.Record line chart overlay with presentation video

  1. Video on demand event recording.


M2M Reports

  1. CSV report
  2. SMS report
  3. Excel Summary Report with Charts
  4. Word Summary Report with Charts
  5. Excel Details Report
  6. Word Details Report with Charts
  7. Class Summary Report

9. Event recording and voting results web hosting through a secure log-in.

  1. Host video, questionnaire voting results , report and voting data for post event play back and data analysis.

Powercom Mock Jury Flyers Powercom Mock Jury Flyers - PDF