Group Response System

Powercom Group Response System


PowerCom group response system can give your focus groups an interactive and collaborative advantage.


Group Response System

During a focus group session, one or two people will dominate the conversation and influence the opinions of others. Some people change their opinion to fit into the group, while others keep quiet and only respond when spoken to. That’s why PowerCom audience response system is such a powerful tool for focus groups. Group Response System allows a facilitator to poll the attendees without their opinions being influenced by others.

Imagine the flexibility! You could ask a question at the beginning of the discussion, gather group responses in a graph format for all to see, and then open the floor for discussion. After the discussion you could ask the same question again and compare the two responses. PowerCom provides a slide comparison function to accomplish this.

You’ll find that when giving participants an anonymous way to respond, you will be able to generate more accurate results. Plus, it gives everyone an equal opportunity to voice his or her opinion.

Our Group Response System can be used to:


  • Identify current views and opinions about products or services
  • Identify which spokesperson is more likeable or trustworthy
  • Discover what images are more eye-catching
  • Determine what commercials are more appealing and retentive
  • Gather user feedback about products or services
  • Determine which call to action is more effective
Group Response

PowerCom Group Response System is a cost-effective way to easily gather feedback quickly. While keeping responses anonymous, so that focus group attendees can express an opinion without being influenced by other members of the group.

With PowerCom response software focus group presenters can create an interactive, collaborative and engaging presentations that can quickly receive an audience poll and immediately capture opinions, which can then be outputted into a wide variety of reports that can be further analyzed.

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