Government institutions, local, regional and national agencies conduct several meetings and events in a year. Powercom offers the best equipment to engage your participants and audience members. With Powercom’s audience response systems you can surely motivate, engage and leave a remarkable impact to your audience with goals of increasing audience retention during seminars and trainings and creating a lively and dynamic atmosphere realized.

Powercom enables organizations to gather feedback, provide ways to test and analyze results gathered through various report formats, post responses instantly for everyone to access and implement changes that decides the fate of the agency, city, town or country as quickly as possible.

Powercom’s student response systems can be used for:

  • Annual meetings or events
  • Town Hall Meetings
  • Meetings for deciding promotions and advancements
  • Political summits and conventions
  • Mock Jury
  • Trainings for employees
  • Debates
  • Legislations with voting

Industry Recognized Interactive Polling Software

Powercom PPT add in – Powercom Powerpoint add in software is a plug in application on Powerpoint, once installed it will show up as another tab along with the menu. This is a user friendly software since Powerpoint is a familiar office tool. Learning the features is very easy and benefits the presenters and the participants for an interactive flow of communication during your event.

  • Powerpoint based giving presenters or instructors the main control on how they want to develop the content of their presentations and training materials.
  • Slide comparison to compare past learning to the latest one
  • Roll call for logging in the audience attendance
  • Roster list for creating teams for quizzes or game shows and for keypads to be associated with the participants’ names.
  • Impromptu feature for quickly adding a polling slide or a non voting slide without leaving the slideshow.
  • Absentee list to show which keypads have not submitted votes
  • SMS feature to submit free form responses (optional)
  • Self paced testing available in 2 modes: offline and online


Recommended keypads:

PowerCom Mini

PowerCom Mini—a lightweight keypad with LED light. If your event just requires single answer questions with up to 5 answer choices, PowerCom Mini is a good choice.

PowerCom PC3

a compact and light keypad with LCD display. LCD display will show the status of the voting including the battery, the signals and the answer choice number you just entered.

PowerCom RF2

a LCD display keypad using two AA batteries. Capable of sending and receiving text messages.

PowerCom Specialty

Powercom Specialty – Powercom’s stand alone software that offers great flexibility for the voting audience members. It is not a Powerpoint plug in application designed for using in large events typically with 500 or more members.

  • Fast capture of voting data and UI interface is user friendly
  • Can be used for various question types such as single choice, multi alphanumeric and weight priority
  • Quick and easy voting system switching to the standby laptop without getting delayed
  • Users can import their questions from a text or word document
  • System maintains an updated voting log file
  • Users can group their questions for different sessions for easy voting control and seamless flow in between session breaks.
  • Capability of adding a roster list for associating names to keypads
  • Global change for changing all settings for all the slides at one time
  • Winners screen to display the team and individual winners and scores
  • Absentee list to show which participants have not keyed in their votes


PowerClick – Classroom response software or application for mobile and Internet abled devices. PowerClick is a web-based voting software with 2 types of surveys: self-paced and live feedback. Instructors and students can utilize their smart phones, laptops and desktops to submit answers with Internet connection.

Key Features:

  • May help increased training or class attendance
  • May increase participant information retention
  • Aids in the smooth flow of communication between presenters and participants
  • Not restricted by any boundary or location, participants can vote on site or away from the event location
  • Speakers or presenter can make different projects as needed by the training
  • Real time and updated polling
  • Capability for browsing the voting data at any point in time for analysis. Grades, progress and lessons can be checked at any point in time for analysis or review
  • More features than a voting keypad