Wireless Response System

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Audience Polling System

Every minute counts, that is how most people busy in the corporate setting and in any organizations have become these days. We all want it easy, fast yet still reliable and accurate. Having been able to have significant exposures and engagements in the different industries has given PowerCom the advantage to develop technology that can be tailor-fit to the growing demands of our inevitable fast-paced environment.

PowerCom Reply Election is an add on component applicable solely to Reply Ativa, Reply Plus and Reply Mini Plus Audience Response Keypad models and available in Office 2007 version and up. Yes, your PowerCom Audience Response System of these models can provide another significant functionality— Paperless Election. What other way to maximize your PowerCom Voting keypads than to have it deliver the same reliable performance in your election dealings. Now that is Value Added Service!

With PowerCom Reply Election, you are guaranteed to have easy, fast, and reliable Election. Not only will it speed up the process of election, but it also provides you an accurate method of capturing and tracking votes.

Wireless Response System

PowerCom Reply Plus Election delivers results where you need it, when you need it!

Its Applications: where you need it!

  • Directors and Officers election
  • Board and Officers motion and amendment voting
  • Shareholders/stakeholders consultation& decision- making polls
  • City council assembly voting
  • Association officers election
  • Department/Committee rules and regulations polling
  • Other significant electionevents

Its Benefits: when you need it!

  • Paperless voting, automated counting!
  • Real time polling, accurate results
  • Voting registration with Roll Call, Voters Tracking.
  • Real-time charts/graphs/texts for visual presentation
  • Continuity–enter the next round with the latest voting result.
  •  Pre-configured voting weight
  • Proxy vote

Voting Weight


audience response system

made even more amazing by PowerCom Reply Election

For more information about Electronic Voting System For Election, please feel free to contact us by powercom(a)dsii.net or call us at 212 997 2000. Anytime, you can log in our online support system and our professional representative will be there for any assistance.